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The use of 2,4-DU in the extermination of the beet flea

, : The use of 2,4-DU in the extermination of the beet flea. Zemledelie (4): 118-119

Experiments were performed with the herbicide 2,4-DU for the elimination of weeds growing in the beet fields as a means of combatting the beet flea infestation. The tests were performed in the Voronezh region over an area of 2.5 hectares. The area was divided into 3 sections differing in their nature as to weather exposure and type of soil. Each such section was then divided into subsections. A part of the subsections was sprayed at the end of May with a 0.17% solution of 2,4-DU (600 l/hectare). Observation showed that 20-24 days after the spraying, and in some cases even earlier, the following weeds have been completely exterminated: goosefoot, nettle, hedge mustard, burdock, wormwood, daisy and the thistle. Another group of subsections were sprayed during the 5-10th day of June with a 0.5% solution of the herbicide at the rate of 600 1/ha. The goosefoot weed disappeared 12-15 days after the spraying. In the case of either of the sprays the dicotyledonous weeds failed to reappear. Such an elimination of the weeds at critical periods deprived the young pupae of their nutritive material. It was estimated that control of the pupae of the fleas was as high as 90%.


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