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Wplyw warunkow tuczu na aktywnosc wybranych enzymow krwi swin

, : Wplyw warunkow tuczu na aktywnosc wybranych enzymow krwi swin. Medycyna Weterynaryjna 64(3): 335-338

The aim of the study was to evaluate changes in enzymatic activity taking place in the organisms of fattening pigs, located in two different places: with closed and opened runs-with their breeding conditions in accordance with animal husbandry standards (on average: temperature-21.1 degrees C; 79.2%-humidity; velocity if air movement-0.3 m/s(2); cooling-mW center dot xcm(2)). The animals were fed with identical mash mixtures ad libitum (with no limits). The increase of body mass and the daily average growth of both sexes of the examined cross-breads during their feeding period proceeded correctly. However, when the animals were located in two different places during the entire feeding period feeding, the most beneficial growth occurred in the animals held in places with opened runs (850 and 895 g). Changes in the activity of the examined enzymes in the blood serum of the animals were also found, especially during the final period of feeding. An increase in the maximum content of LDH enzyme took place in the blood serum of gilts and amounted to 55%. A similar tendency was found in hogs and amounted to 50%. Nevertheless when this data was compared with the initial statistics the highest activity during the period of feeding was demonstrated by creatine kinase, since gilts had an average increase of that indicator of 112%, and hogs-101%. The rapid change of the enzymatic profile of both LDH and CK in intensive feeding of fatterning pigs has an adverse effect on their health.


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