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Blends of genistein and gamma-tocotrienol synergistically suppress the proliferation of DU145, PC-3, and LNCaP human prostate cancer cells

, : Blends of genistein and gamma-tocotrienol synergistically suppress the proliferation of DU145, PC-3, and LNCaP human prostate cancer cells. FASEB Journal 16(5): A1003, March 22

We earlier showed that blends of genistein, a soy isoflavone, and farnesol, an isoprenoid ubiquitous in plants, synergistically suppress B16 murine melanoma cell growth. The impact traces to the synergistic suppression of mevalonate pathway activities that provide vital intermediates for the modification and biological activity of growth-related proteins including nuclear lamins, Ras, and growth factor receptors. DU145, PC-3 and LNCaP human prostate tumor cells were cultured with genistein (0-40 muM) and a more potent farnesol mimetic, gamma-tocotrienol (0-40 muM). At 20 muM, genistein and gamma-tocotrienol each suppressed DU145 and LNCaP cell growth by 30%. The growth of PC3 cells was minimally impacted by genistein (-12%) and not by gamma-tocotrienol. A blend of 20 muM genistein and 20 muM gamma-tocotrienol yielded a 70% inhibition of growth in DU145 and LNCaP cells and a remarkable 100% suppression in PC3 cells. In each instance, the combined effect of the agents exceeded the sum of their individual impacts. Synergy was attained using other concentrations of the two agents. These findings show that chemopreventive property of a plant-based diet lies in the synergistic actions of diverse phytochemicals.


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