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Characterisation of nicotinic acetylcholine receptor binding populations in mouse superior colliculus

, : Characterisation of nicotinic acetylcholine receptor binding populations in mouse superior colliculus. Society for Neuroscience Abstract Viewer & Itinerary Planner : Abstract No 37 6

Expression of alpha-CtxMII sensitive nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs) on mouse nigrostriatal dopaminergic projections is dependent on nAChR beta3 subunit expression (Cui et al., 2002). The studies reported here investigated the extent to which this observation can be applied to other brain regions, and probed the nAChR changes resulting from beta3 subunit-null mutation. (125I)alpha-ConotoxinMII ((125I)alpha-CtxMII) binding, measured by quantitative autoradiography, was significantly reduced in beta3-/-mice. However, the extent of this loss varied between regions, from 40% in the habenulo-interpeduncular tract to abolition in the dopaminergic terminal regions. (125I)Epibatidine saturation and inhibition binding studies in superior colliculus demonstrated that the effects of beta3-null mutation were confined to reduced expression of nAChRs with high (sub-nanomolar) affinity for alpha-CtxMII. The affinity of this population for alpha-CtxMII was unchanged. The (125I)Epibatidine binding experiments also revealed the existence of a second alpha-CtxMII binding population. This new population is differentiated by relatively low (>100 nM Ki) alpha-CtxMII affinity, and independence of beta3 genotype. Densities of the two superior colliculus alpha-CtxMII-sensitive populations were approximately equal, being 40 50 fmol mg-1 (protein). In addition to the two a-CtxMII-binding populations, superior colliculus membranes also expressed a large (>120 fmol mg-1 (protein)) cytisine-sensitive population, and a minor (<10 fmol mg-1 (protein)) A85380-resistant population.


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