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Comprehensive gene expression profiling analysis in minimal change nephrotic syndrome using cDNA array A novel approach to the mechanism of proteinurea

, : Comprehensive gene expression profiling analysis in minimal change nephrotic syndrome using cDNA array A novel approach to the mechanism of proteinurea. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 11(Program and Abstract Issue): 102A, September

Derangement of immune system, especially in T lymphocytes, has been considered to play an important role in the pathogenesis of minimal change nephrotic syndrome (MCNS). Although some permeability factors in circulation, such as a lymphokine, were postulated early in 1974, the actual pathogenic factor still remains unknown. Recent development of molecular biological technique allows us to profile a great number of gene expressions at the same time using cDNA array. Comprehensive profiling of gene expressions may serve a novel approach to the pathogenesis of various diseases. To elucidate the mechanism of proteinurea from a view of gene expression, we first introduced cDNA array technology and analyzed the expression profile of 1,176 genes, containing almost all kinds of known cytokines and growth factors, in MCNS. Total RNA was purified from peripheral blood mononuclear cells of a patient with MCNS both in remission and relapse stages. After DNase treatment, randomly labeled cDNA probes were prepared by reverse transcription using specific primers of each arrayed gene. Denatured probes were hybridized to cDNA array and analyzed using a bio-imaging analyzer. Upregulation was defined as the expression ratio of two times up. Seventy-one % of the transcripts were detected in relapse and 69.5% in remission. The six highest transcripts were common in both stages and were in good agreement with the expression from lymphocytes or monocytes/macrophages, demonstrating the reliability of the presented data. Comparing the expression profile in remission with that in relapse, 11.4% of the transcripts were newly detected and 11.3% were upregulated. In conclusion, comprehensive gene expression profiling using cDNA array in MCNS may serve as a useful database for not only evaluating the disordered immune system but also discovering unknown permeability factors.


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