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Effects of high carbohydrate diets on the physical-chemical properties of plasma lipoproteins in hamsters

, : Effects of high carbohydrate diets on the physical-chemical properties of plasma lipoproteins in hamsters. FASEB Journal 17(4-5): Abstract No 196 2, March

High carbohydrate diets can reduce plasma LDL cholesterol or provoke the appearance of the atherogenic lipoprotein profile, ALP. ALP consists of high plasma triacylglycerol, TAG, small dense LDL and reduced HDL cholesterol in association with insulin resistance. At present it is unknown whether the oft used fructose-fed hamster model of insulin resistance exhibits all features of ALP. Therefore, we investigated the metabolic and physical-chemical properties of lipoproteins in hamsters fed diets containing either 60% fructose (HF) or 60% starch (S) for 2 weeks. Hamsters fed HF showed significantly (p< 0.05) increased VLDL-TAG (92.3%), free cholesterol (68.6%), and phospholipid (95%) while apoB remained unchanged. Circulating VLDL diameter was slightly larger (68 vs. 63nm, p=0.08) in HF fed as compared to S fed hamsters. Fructose feeding induced a 42.5% increase in LDL-TAG (p<0.05) at the expense of a 20% reduction in LDL-cholesteryl ester (p<0.05). Compositional changes were associated with reduced LDL diameter (23.97 vs. 24.40 nm, p < 0.05). In contrast, HF caused significant elevations in all HDL lipid fractions and HDL-protein (p <0.05). Apo-B containing lipoproteins exhibit similar physical properties in HF fed hamsters and humans with ALP. However, HDL metabolism appears to respond differently and may be due to species differences.


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