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Genetic variation of Ethiopian and Eritrean sorghum Moench germplasm assessed by random amplified polymorphic DNA

, : Genetic variation of Ethiopian and Eritrean sorghum Moench germplasm assessed by random amplified polymorphic DNA. Genetic Resources & Crop Evolution 47(5): 471-482, October

The extent and patterns of distribution of genetic variation among 80 sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) germplasm accessions from Ethiopia and Eritrea were investigated using RAPD with 20 oligonucleotide primers. The primers generated a total of 147 polymorphic bands across the 80 accessions with a mean of 7.35 bands per primer. Estimation of the extent of variation by the Shannon-Weaver diversity index revealed an intermediate level of overall variation (H = 53), although the levels varied among regions of origin of the accessions. Partitioning of the total variation revealed considerable variation (77%) within the region of origin of the accessions and the remainder (23%) among regions of origin. Similarly, a large portion (94%) of the total variation was found within the adaptation zones compared to among the adaptation zones (6%). The results suggest a weak differentiation of the sorghum material both on regional and agro-ecological bases, which could be ascribed to the high rate of outcrossing in cultivated sorghum and its free natural hybridization with its wild and weedy relatives, as well as to seed movement by humans. The average genetic dissimilarity was found to be 36% among the 80 accessions and 13% among the 15 regions of origin. Cluster analysis failed to group accessions of the same region or the same adaptation zone, which further confirmed the weak differentiation of the material studied. The clustering pattern of the regions of origin was broadly concordant with previous clustering patterns obtained using morphological characters, in which regions with broad agro-climatic conditions were grouped together.


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