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, : HUMANIN IMPROVED THE LEARNING AND MEMORY IMPAIRMENT INDUCED BY SCOPOLAMINE in vivo. Society for Neuroscience Abstract Viewer & Itinerary Planner : Abstract No 82 19

Humanin is a very recently discovered 24 amino acid linear polypeptide, which protects against cell death induced by either familial Alzheimer's disease mutant of amyloid precursor protein, presenilin-1 or presenilin-2 in vitro. However, it has remained uncertain whether humanin is a useful drug for the animal model of learning and memory deficit. In this study, we evaluated the effects of (Gly14)-humanin, a more potent humanin analogue, on the scopolamine HBr (1 mg/kg s.c.)-induced impairment of spontaneous alternation behavior in the Y-maze, an index of short-term memory in mice. (Gly14)-Humanin (1000 pmol/5l i.c.v.) reversed the impairment in a dose-dependent manner without affecting the number of arm entries. These results suggest that (I) (Gly14)-humanin is a beneficial drug for the impairment of learning and memory and (II) it modulates the learning and memory function mediated via cholinergic systems in mice.


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