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Human papilloma virus and ontogenetic malformation of central nervous system

, : Human papilloma virus and ontogenetic malformation of central nervous system. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 26(1-2): Abstract No -32 8

The evidences for interdependencies between: 1) HPV infection in pregnant women; 2) anomalous production of natural anti-S100 autoantibodies; and 3) fetal nervous system malformations has been obtained. Based upon experimental data we suppose HPV infection could be a direct cause (etiology factor) for induction of steady state changes in activity of separate clones of immunocompetent cells, related to autoantibody to S100 brain protein production. The result is abnormal rise of production and/or secretion of anti-S100 antibodies of IgG class. Such antibodies has trespasses the placental barrier by active transportation mechanism, accumulates in the primordial nervous system, and inhibit or disturb the differentiation and topical migration of some populations of the central neuroblasts (pathogenic mechanism). This events has leads often to inborn neuropathology (10 times at least above average populational level), cerebral palsy and some cases of mental retardation including.


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