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Lasek versus prk a randomised study on pain perception, patient satisfaction and outcome

, : Lasek versus prk a randomised study on pain perception, patient satisfaction and outcome. ARVO Annual Meeting Abstract Search & Program Planner : Abstract No 2664

Purpose: To compare LASEK and PRK corrections of myopia concerning pain perception, patient satisfaction and efficacy. Methods: 36 myopic eyes (range: -1.75, -6.5) of 21 patients were randomised for LASEK or PRK correction with the keratocor 217 floating spot excimer laser. Pain (100mm visual analogue scale) and use of anestetic medications were assessed during the first week. VA, refraction, haze (0-4 scale), contrast sensitivity (25% ETRDS chart), tear production (Schirmer test) and patient satisfation (100mm visual analogue scale) were measured at 1, 3, and 6 months postoperative. Results: Average pain perception at 3 days was 28+-26mm for LASEKand 41+-28 for PRK (NS). Daily use of ketoralac drops on day 3 was 0.7+-1.5 and 1.9+-2.2 respectively (p=0.08). Patient satisfaction at 1 month was 86+-16 for LASEK and 60+-29 for PRK (p=0.03); at 3 months 95+-6 and 76+-16 (p=0.01). LogMAR UCVA at 1 month was 0.06+-0.1 for LASEK and 0.16+-0.1 for PRK (p=0.01), at 3 months 0.02+-0.06 for LASEK and 0.15+-0.13 for PRK (p<0.01), and at 6 months -0.02+-0.05 for LASEK and 0.08+-0.09 for PRK (p=0.04). LogMAR BSCVA at 1 month was -0.02+-0.05 for LASEK and 0.06+-0.12 for PRK (p=0.01), at 3 months -0.04+-0.06 and 0+-0.04 (p=0.06), and at 6 months -0.05+-0.04 and -0.03+-0.04 (p=0.4). At 3 months, refractive error was between -0.5 and +0.5 for 95% of the eyes after LASEK- and 72% after PRK corrections. Conclusions: Although no significant differences in pain perception were detected, UCVA and patient satisfaction were significantly better after LASEK as compared to PRK.


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