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Latent effects of resveratrol exposure on adult male reproductive physiology and behavior

, : Latent effects of resveratrol exposure on adult male reproductive physiology and behavior. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 27(1): 506

Resveratrol (RES), a major constituent of wine, has been linked to the cardiovascular benefits of drinking red wine. This phytoestrogen binds to and activates gene transcription via the ERalpha and ERbeta sub-types. We have previously shown that RES treatment has estrogenic effects on adult female physiology and behavior that may alter gonadotropin secretion patterns. The present study examines the effects of postnatal RES exposure during suckling on subsequent adult male reproductive physiology and behavior. Males pups were exposed to RES from PND 1-21 via maternal consumption of RES (5muM, 50muM, or 100muM) in daily drinking water. At PND 132, males were tested for sociosexual behavior with estrous female partners. Immediately after testing, brains and plasma were collected and reproductive organs were weighed and analyzed. Compared to controls, postnatal RES exposure decreased the frequency of mounting behavior towards sexually receptive stimulus females and increased testes weight without effects on preputial glands and seminal vesicles in adult males. Postnatal RES exposure also produced a dose-dependent decrease in cell counts of the SDN-POA and in plasma testosterone levels. These findings suggest that postnatal RES exposure may have altered cellular activities in the MPOA that could compromise male typical patterns of gonadotropin secretion, thus feminizing sociosexual behavior in males.


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