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Magnetically guidable electrophysiology catheter

, : Magnetically guidable electrophysiology catheter. Official Gazette of the United States Patent & Trademark Office Patents 1277(2), Dec 9

An electrophysiology catheter includes a tube having a proximal end, a distal end, and a lumen therebetween. The tube is preferably comprised of multiple sections of different flexibility, arranged so that the flexibility of the catheter increases from the proximal end to the distal end. There is a first generally hollow electrode member at the distal end. A magnetically responsive element is disposed at least partially in the hollow end electrode, for aligning the distal end of the catheter with an externally applied magnetic field. The hollow end electrode can have openings for delivering irrigating fluid, and/or a sleeve can be provided around the tube to create an annular space for the delivering of irrigating fluid. A temperature sensor can be provided to control the operation of the catheter. A localization coil can also be provided to sense the position and orientation of the catheter.


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