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Modulation of behavioral responses during the forced swim test the role of interleukin 1

, : Modulation of behavioral responses during the forced swim test the role of interleukin 1. Society for Neuroscience Abstract Viewer & Itinerary Planner : Abstract No 576 5

In recent years, there has been increasing recognition that pro-inflammatory cytokines may play a role in behavioral and physiological alterations produced by exposure to psychological stressors. Indeed, increases in central IL-1 production have been observed following stressors such as inescapable tailshock and social isolation, while no changes in IL-1 have been observed following other stressors (eg., exposure to a predator). The goal of the following work was to establish (a) whether forced swim exposure leads to an increase in central production of IL-1, and (b) determine whether the immobility response observed during forced swim exposure is modulated by pro-inflammatory cytokine production. Briefly, adult male Sprague Dawley rats (n=8 per group) were forced to swim for 15-30 minutes (25degreeC) and killed at various intervals (ranging from immediately to 24 hrs) following stressor termination. Brains were then dissected and frozen for subsequent measurement of IL-1. No observable increases in IL-1 were observed in rats that were forced to swim, or in rats that were re-exposed to the forced swim stressor 24 hrs later. These data suggest that central IL-1 production does not play a role in behavioral responses to forced swim stress. However, these data do not exclude a possible role for other pro-inflammatory cytokines (such as IL-6 and TNF-alpha) in the generation of behavioral responses to forced swim. The potential role of pro-inflammatory cytokine production in the modulation of behavioral responses to forced swim is currently in progress.


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