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Probe, particulary a urethral probe, for heating of tissues by microwave and for the measurement of temperature by radiometry

, : Probe, particulary a urethral probe, for heating of tissues by microwave and for the measurement of temperature by radiometry. Official Gazette of the United States Patent & Trademark Office Patents 1227(4), Oct 26

A probe, particularly a urethral probe, for the heating of tissue by microwaves and for the measurement of temperature by radiometry. The probe comprises, on the one hand, at least one elongated antenna (1) formed by at least one conductive portion (2, 2') rolled up in a helicoidal manner on an elongated dielectric support (3) having a front end and a rear end, on the other hand, electrical connections (4) for the transfer of microwave signals toward and from the antenna, connected to a corresponding external generator and radiometer, and, finally, a catheter (5) covering the antenna (1) and, as the case may be, at least the portion of the electrical connections adjacent the antenna (1). The central dielectric support (3) has structure for circulation of thermostatic fluid of the antenna (1) at least present within the tubular channel delimited by the helicoidal conductor portion (2, 2'), this structure being connected to structure (6, 6', 6", 6'") for the supply and evacuation of the thermostatic fluid.


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