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Solid-phase synthesis of codeine from morphine

, : Solid-phase synthesis of codeine from morphine. Official Gazette of the United States Patent & Trademark Office Patents 1228(2), Nov 9

The specification describes a methylation resin comprising methyl(dialkyl)anilinium salts or methyl(diaryl)anilinium salts covalently bonded to the resin. The methylation resin is used in the solid-phase synthesis of codeine from morphine. Accordingly, the specification describes a process for methylating morphine to form codeine by loading morphine onto a methylation resin comprising methyl(dialkyl)anilinium salts or methyl(diaryl)anilinium salts covalently bonded to the resin; contacting the loaded resin with sufficient hydrocarbon or ether solvent to cover the loaded resin; and heating the loaded resin in the hydrocarbon or ether solvent under sufficient conditions to form codeine. The methylating resin may be used to methylate phenolic moieties on other compounds and to esterify compounds containing carboxylic acid moieties.


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