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Stem cell characteristics of transplanted rat mammary clonogens

, : Stem cell characteristics of transplanted rat mammary clonogens. Experimental Cell Research 260(1): 146-159

Rat mammary glands contain a subpopulation of clonogenic epithelial cells with large proliferation and differentiation potentials. When transplanted, the clonogens in monodispersed rat mammary epithelial cell suspensions give rise to either alveolar units (AUs) or ductal units (DUs) depending on the nature of the hormonal milieu in the graft recipient. Clonogens are also the primary cells of origin of mammary cancer following exposure to ionizing radiation or chemical carcinogens. Given the other stem cell characteristics of mammary clonogens, it would be expected that the primary AUs and DUs to which they give rise when grafted and hormonally stimulated (a) would be derived from the same clonogenic cell subpopulation, (b) would contain all of the functionally differentiated cell types of homologous parts of comparably stimulated mammary glands in situ, and (c) would also contain clonogen subpopulations capable when subtransplanted of giving rise to secondary AUs and DUs of similar cell composition. The current experiments were designed to test these expectations. The data are discussed in the context of results of previous studies with this and other experimental models. The results further support the conclusion that rat mammary clonogens are multipotent mammary stem cells. Copyright 2000 Academic Press.


PMID: 11010819

DOI: 10.1006/excr.2000.5013

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