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Evolution of periglacial landforms in the ancient mountain range of the Thaumasia Highlands, Mars

, : Evolution of periglacial landforms in the ancient mountain range of the Thaumasia Highlands, Mars. Geological Society, London, Special Publications 356(1): 69-85

Possible periglacial and relict glacial landforms in the ancient mountain range of the Thaumasia Highlands, Mars, are described. The landforms include large-scale mantling, lineated crater and valley-fill materials, debris aprons, protalus lobes and ramparts. The most pristine ice-related landforms appear to be small-scale protalus lobes and ramparts with no visible distinct impact craters at both medium (High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC)) and high (Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) narrow angle (NA), Camera (CTX)) spatial resolution. These small landforms are possibly active at present and post-date more extensive features such as crater fills, possibly formed during high obliquity climatic periods.In contrast to the rock glacier-like landforms with distribution preferentially occurring on south-facing slopes, possibly controlled by enhanced exposure to the Sun, older, less pristine lineated fill materials show a less systematic distribution of flow directions, suggesting a more generalized periglacial and possibly glacial environment in the Thaumasia Highlands.


DOI: 10.1144/SP356.5

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