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Cloning, expression and antiviral activity of IFN? from the Australian fruit bat,Pteropus alecto

, : Cloning, expression and antiviral activity of IFN? from the Australian fruit bat,Pteropus alecto.

Bats are natural reservoir hosts to a variety of viruses, many of which cause morbidity and mortality in other mammals. Currently there is a paucity of information regarding the nature of the immune response to viral infections in bats, partly due to a lack of appropriate bat specific reagents. IFN? plays a key role in controlling viral replication and coordinating a response for long term control of viral infection. Here we describe the cloning and expression of IFN? from the Australian flying fox,Pteropus alectoand the generation of mouse monoclonal and chicken egg yolk antibodies specific to bat IFN?. Our results demonstrate thatP. alectoIFN? is conserved with IFN? from other species and is induced in bat splenocytes following stimulation with T cell mitogens.P. alectoIFN? has antiviral activity on Semliki forest virus in cell lines fromP. alectoand the microbat,Tadarida brasiliensis. Additionally recombinant bat IFN? was able to mitigate Hendra virus infection inP. alectocells. These results provide the first evidence for an antiviral role for bat IFN?in vitroin addition to the application of important immunological reagents for further studies of bat antiviral immunity.Bat IFN? appears to be conserved with IFN? from other mammals IFN? is produced by activated bat splenocytes Bat IFN? displays antiviral activity in bat cells infected with Semliki forest virus and the bat borne virus, Hendra virus.


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