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Mitochondrial D-loop variations in infertile women undergoing a long stimulation protocol

, : Mitochondrial D-loop variations in infertile women undergoing a long stimulation protocol. European Journal of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Biology 160(2): 161-165

To study a high frequency of mtDNA D-loop variations in infertile women undergoing a long stimulation protocol and their potential relevance with endpoints of IVF.Study designPeripheral blood was taken from 156 patient ?42 years of age. The entire D-loop region of mtDNA was amplified in three overlapping polymerase chain reaction fragments, and variations were evaluated by direct DNA sequencing methods in 156 infertile women undergoing a long stimulation protocol. A total of 48 variations were found at 47 positions in the D-loop of all patients. Median age of the patients was 34.9 years (26 42 years). The incidence of variations was significantly higher in the group of patients aged >34.9 years (P = .1), especially 16191 C ? T (P = .17) and 199 T ? C (P = .45). In contrast, the incidence of variations was significantly lower on the day of hCG administration in the group of patients with E2 > 837.97 pmol/L (P = .1). However, variations were not significantly associated with early follicular phase FSH (P = .262), the number of oocytes retrieved (P = .191) or the pregnancy rate (P = .487). Our data suggest that the increase in mtDNA variations in peripheral blood from infertile women could have a predictive value for the response of infertile women undergoing a long stimulation protocol.


PMID: 22177835

DOI: 10.1016/j.ejogrb.2011.11.004

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