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Four weeks of normobaric "live high-train low" do not alter muscular or systemic capacity for maintaining pH and K⁺ homeostasis during intense exercise

, : Four weeks of normobaric "live high-train low" do not alter muscular or systemic capacity for maintaining pH and K⁺ homeostasis during intense exercise. Journal of Applied Physiology 112(12): 2027-2036

It was investigated if athletes subjected to 4 wk of living in normobaric hypoxia (3, m; 16 h/day) while training at 8–1,3 m ["live high-train low" (LHTL)] increase muscular and systemic capacity for maintaining pH and K+ homeostasis as well as intense exercise performance. The design was double-blind and placebo controlled. Mean power during 3-s all-out cycling was similar before and immediately after LHTL (65 ± 31 vs. 628 ± 32 W; n = 1) and placebo exposure (658 ± 22 vs. 66 ± 23 W; n = 6). Supporting the performance data, arterial plasma pH, lactate, and K+ during submaximal and maximal exercise were also unaffected by the intervention in both groups. In addition, muscle buffer capacity (in mmol H+·kg dry wt–1·pH–1) was similar before and after in both the LHTL (14 ± 12 vs. 14 ± 16) and placebo group (145 ± 2 vs. 14 ± 3). The expression of sarcolemmal H+ transporters (Na+/H+ exchanger 1, monocarboxylate transporters 1 and 4), as well as expression of Na+-K+ pump subunits-α1, -α2, and -β1 was also similar before and after the intervention. In conclusion, muscular and systemic capacity for maintaining pH and K+ balance during exercise is similar before and after 4 wk of placebo-controlled normobaric LHTL. In accordance, 3-s all-out sprint ability was similar before and after LHTL.


PMID: 22461443

DOI: 10.1152/japplphysiol.01353.2011

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