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Investigating natural variation in Drosophila courtship song by the evolve and resequence approach

, : Investigating natural variation in Drosophila courtship song by the evolve and resequence approach. Genetics 191(2): 633-642

A primary goal of population genetics is to determine the genetic basis of natural trait variation. We could significantly advance this goal by developing comprehensive genome-wide approaches to link genotype and phenotype in model organisms. Here we combine artificial selection with population-based resequencing to investigate the genetic basis of variation in the interpulse interval (IPI) of Drosophila melanogaster courtship song. We performed divergent selection on replicate populations for only 14 generations, but had considerable power to differentiate alleles that evolved due to selection from those that evolved stochastically. We identified a large number of variants that changed frequency in response to selection for this simple behavior, and they are highly underrepresented on the X chromosome. Though our power was adequate using this experimental technique, the ability to differentiate causal variants from those affected by linked selection requires further development.


PMID: 22466043

DOI: 10.1534/genetics.112.139337

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