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Effect of annealing temperature on optical and electrochemical properties of chitosan–ZnO nanostructure

, : Effect of annealing temperature on optical and electrochemical properties of chitosan–ZnO nanostructure. Ionics 19(6): 903-909

Chitosan ZnO nanostructures were prepared by chemical precipitation method using different concentration of zinc chloride and sodium hydroxide solutions. Nanorod-shaped grains with hexagonal structure for samples annealed at 300 C and porous structure with amorphous morphology for samples annealed at 600 C were revealed in SEM analysis. X-ray diffraction patterns confirmed the hexagonal phase ZnO with crystallite size found to be in the range of ~24.15 34.83 nm. Blue shift of UV Vis absorption shows formation of nanocrystals/nanorods of ZnO with marginal increase in band gap. Photoluminescence spectra show that blue green emission band at 380 580 nm. The chitosan ZnO nanostructures used on surface of a glassy carbon electrode gives the oxidation peak potential at ~0.6 V. The electrical conductivity of chitosan ZnO composites were observed at 2.1? ?10?5 to 2.85? ?10?5?S/m. The nanorods with high surface area and nontoxicity nature of chitosan ZnO nanostructures observed in samples annealed at 300 C were suitable as a potential material for biosensing.


DOI: 10.1007/s11581-012-0817-6

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