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Lung cancer incidence and mortality in China, 2009

, : Lung cancer incidence and mortality in China, 2009. Thoracic Cancer 4(2): 102-108

National Cental Cancer Registry (NCCR) is government organization for cancer surveillance affiliated to Bureau of Disease Control, Ministry of Health in China. It annually collects cancer registration data from local registries and then analyzes and publishs the results to provide useful information for making anti-cancer policy, program evaluation, and etiology research. In the end of 2012, NCCR reported cancer statistics in 2009. In the mid of 2012, 104 population-based cancer registries reported cancer incidence and mortality data with demography information in 2009 to NCCR. After procedure of evaluation, total 72 registries data met the criteria and the data were pooled for analysis. Lung cancer individual cases were retrieved from national database based on ICD-10 topography code as C33, C34 including cancers of trachea and bronchus. The crude incidence and mortality rates of lung cancer were calculated by gender, age and location (urban/rural). China's population in 1982 and Segi's population structures were used for age-standardized rates. In cancer registration areas in 2009, the crude incidence rate of lung cancer was 54.75/100 000 (73.12/100 000 in male and 36.08/100 000 in female; 57.96/100 000 in urban and 42.80/100 000 in rural). Age-standardized incidence rates by China population (CASR) and World population (WASR) were 24.98/100 000 and 34.07/100 000 respectively. It was the most common cancer in China and urban areas, the second in rural areas.The crude mortality of lung cancer was 46.07/100 000 (62.47/100 000 in male and 29.39/100 000 in female, 48.76/100 000 in urban and 36.03/100 000 in rural). The mortality CASR and WASR were 20.09/100 000 and 27.68/100 000 respectively. Lung cancer was the leading cause of cancer death both in male and female, urban and rural areas. The incidence and mortality rates of lung cancer were higher in males than those in females, in urban areas than in rural areas. The age-specific incidence and mortality rates showed that both rates were relatively low before 50 years old, and dramatically increased and reached the peak in age group of 80-84. Lung cancer is the most common cancer in China and leading cause of cancer death. Primary and secondary prevention should be carried out in each group, such as tobacco control and early detection.


DOI: 10.1111/1759-7714.12025

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