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Sleep patterns and sleep disturbances among Chinese school-aged children: prevalence and associated factors

, : Sleep patterns and sleep disturbances among Chinese school-aged children: prevalence and associated factors. Sleep Medicine 14(1): 45-52

The study aimed to (1) characterize sleep patterns and sleep disturbances among Chinese school-aged children, determine the prevalence of their short sleep duration and sleep disturbances based on clinical cutoffs, and examine possible factors (socio-demographic factors and emotional/behavioral problems) that are associated with sleep disturbances. A large representative sample of 912 children aged 6 14years was recruited from Shenzhen, China. Their parents completed the Children s Sleep Habits Questionnaire (CSHQ) and the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ). The mean bedtime was 9:45pm (SD =1h 11min), mean wake-up time was 7:03am (SD =31min), mean sleep duration was 9h 14min (SD =46min), and 23.8% of the children had sleep duration <9h. Overall, 69.3% of the children suffered from global sleep disturbances (CSHQ total score >41). Bedtime resistance (22.9%), sleep anxiety (22.1%), sleep duration (21%) and daytime sleepiness (20%) were the most prevalent sleep disturbances; followed by sleep disordered breathing (12.1%), parasomnias (9.4%), sleep onset delay (6.9%), and night waking (5.2%). The prevalence of specific sleep disturbances ranged from 3.2% (falling asleep while watching television) to 81.9% (awakening by others in the morning). Correlations between most domains of sleep disturbances and emotional/behavioral problems were statistically significant (p <0.05 or p <0.01). Hierarchical multiple regression analysis revealed that gender (? =0.10, p <0.01), school grade (?=?0.09, p <0.05), co-sleeping (?= 0.25, p <0.01), emotional symptoms (?= 0.24, p <0.01), conduct problems (?= 0.09, p <0.05), and hyperactivity (?= 0.17, p <0.01) accounted for significant variance in CSHQ total score. Short sleep duration and sleep disturbances are prevalent among Chinese school-aged children. Sleep disturbances are associated with gender, school grade, co-sleeping, emotional symptoms, conduct problems, and hyperactivity.


PMID: 23218539

DOI: 10.1016/j.sleep.2012.09.022

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