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Matters of the heart in bioenergetics: mitochondrial fusion into continuous reticulum is not needed for maximal respiratory activity

, : Matters of the heart in bioenergetics: mitochondrial fusion into continuous reticulum is not needed for maximal respiratory activity. Journal of Bioenergetics and Biomembranes 45(4): 319-331

Mitochondria are dynamic structures for which fusion and fission are well characterized for rapidly dividing cells in culture. Based on these data, it has recently been proposed that high respiratory activity is the result of fusion and formation of mitochondrial reticulum, while fission results in fragmented mitochondria with low respiratory activity. In this work we test the validity of this new hypothesis by analyzing our own experimental data obtained in studies of isolated heart mitochondria, permeabilized cells of cardiac phenotype with different mitochondrial arrangement and dynamics. Additionally, we reviewed published data including electron tomographic investigation of mitochondrial membrane-associated structures in heart cells. Oxygraphic studies show that maximal ADP-dependent respiration rates are equally high both in isolated heart mitochondria and in permeabilized cardiomyocytes. On the contrary, these rates are three times lower in NB HL-1 cells with fused mitochondrial reticulum. Confocal and electron tomographic studies show that there is no mitochondrial reticulum in cardiac cells, known to contain 5,000 10,000 individual, single mitochondria, which are regularly arranged at the level of sarcomeres and are at Z-lines separated from each other by membrane structures, including the T-tubular system in close connection to the sarcoplasmic reticulum. The new structural data in the literature show a principal role for the elaborated T-tubular system in organization of cell metabolism by supplying calcium, oxygen and substrates from the extracellular medium into local domains of the cardiac cells for calcium cycling within Calcium Release Units, associated with respiration and its regulation in Intracellular Energetic Units.


PMID: 23271420

DOI: 10.1007/s10863-012-9494-4

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