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Dark Matter; Modification of fR or Wimps Miracle

, : Dark Matter; Modification of fR or Wimps Miracle.

The identity of dark matter is one of the key outstanding problems in bothparticle and astrophysics. In this thesis, I review some candidates of darkmatter, especially WIMPs (weakly interacting massive particles) which is one ofthe best candidate so it is called that WIMPs miracle. In addition of this,there are also some theories of modification of gravity, by changing the law ofgravity, it could be possible that the dark matter observations are explained.Until the dark matter particle is detected, there is some room for uncertainty.So we should consider every part of the problem and solve it. Dark matterproblem is covering a large area so every possibility is important. So f(R)gravity is also reviewed in this thesis and some theories are considered as apossible solution of dark matter problem. Finally we highlight that, even inthe case of WIMPs or another particles solution, f(R) gravity is also can beused for this problem. However, last words will be said by experiments.


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