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Inhibition of human breast and colorectal cancer cells by Viburnum foetens L extracts in vitro

, : Inhibition of human breast and colorectal cancer cells by Viburnum foetens L extracts in vitro. Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Disease 3(1): 32-36

To investigate efficacy of Viburnum foetens (V. foetens) extracts against different cancer lines. The crude extract and fractions of V. foetens are evaluated against MDA MB-468 and Caco-2 cancer cell lines by using M (3-(4,5-dimethyl-2-thiazolyl)-2,5-diphenyl-2H-tetrazolium bromide) assays. These extracts are also tested against breast carcinoma and human colon adenocarcinoma through NRU (neutral red uptake) assay. The crude extract inhibited the cancerous cell growth in a dose dependent manner. From the M assay it is obvious that the ethylacetate fraction significantly inhibited the growth of Caco-2 (93.44%) cell. Similarly, the methanol and ethylacetate fractions shows 99% and 96% inhibition of MCF-7 and Caco-2 cell lines by NRU assay. Furthermore, the ethylacetate fraction also exhibited momentous inhibition of MDA MB-468 cells in both assays. Other fractions i.e. chloroform, hexane also inhibited cancer cell proliferation at a significant level. Natural products exhibited significant activity against multiple cancerous cells. In this framework, we can speculate that the present study will be helpful in the identification and isolation of novel anticancer drug compounds from the crude extract (i.e., methanol and ethyl acetate fractions) of V. foetens.


DOI: 10.1016/S2222-1808(13)60007-9

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