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Double Neutrino Production and Detection in Neutrino Detectors

, : Double Neutrino Production and Detection in Neutrino Detectors. Physical Review D 88(3): 033013

Large, high-energy ($E>100$ GeV) cosmic neutrino telescopes are now quitemature. IceCube, for example, observes about 50,000 well-reconstructed singleatmospheric neutrino events/year, with energies above 100 GeV. Although theneutrino detection probability is small, current detectors are large enough sothat it is possible to detect two neutrinos from the same cosmic-rayinteraction. In this paper, we calculate the expected rate of double-neutrinointeractions from a single cosmic-ray air shower. The rate is small, about 0.07events/year for a 1 km$^3$ detector like IceCube, with only a small dependenceon the assumed cosmic-ray composition and hadronic interaction model. For alarger detector, like the proposed KM3Net, the rate is about 0.8 events/year, arate that should be easily observable. These double neutrino interactions arethe major irreducible background to searches of pairs of particles produced insupersymmetric neutrino or cosmic-ray air-shower interactions. Otherstandard-model backgrounds are considered, and found to be small.


DOI: 10.1103/physrevd.88.033013

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