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Visibility graph analysis of solar wind velocity

, : Visibility graph analysis of solar wind velocity.

We analyze in situ measurements of solar wind velocity obtained by AdvancedComposition Explorer (ACE) spacecraft and Helios spacecraft during the years1998-2012 and 1975-1983 respectively. The data belong to mainly solar cycle 23(1996-2008) and solar cycle 21 (1976-1986) respectively. We use DirectedHorizontal Visibility graph (DHVg) algorithm and estimate a graph functional,namely, the degree distance (D) as the Kullback-Leibler divergence (KLD)argument to understand time irreversibility of solar wind time series. Weestimate this degree distance irreversibility parameter for these time seriesat different phases of solar activity cycle. Irreversibility parameter is firstestablished for known dynamical data and then applied for solar wind velocitytime series. It is observed that irreversibility in solar wind velocityfluctuations show similar behaviour at 0.3 AU (Helios data) and 1 AU (ACEdata). Moreover it changes over the different phases of solar activity cycle.


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