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PKS 1510-089 - a rare example of a flat spectrum radio quasar with very high energy emission

, : PKS 1510-089 - a rare example of a flat spectrum radio quasar with very high energy emission.

The blazar PKS 1510-089 is an example of the so-called flat spectrum radioquasars for which no very high energy emission is expected due to theKlein-Nishina effects and strong absorption in the broad line region. Recentdetection of at least three such blazars by Cherenkov telescopes has forced arevision of our understanding of these objects. We have aimed to model theobserved spectral energy distribution of PKS 1510-089 during the high energyand very high energy flares in March 2009. We have applied the single zoneinternal shock scenario to reproduce the multiwavelength spectrum of PKS1510-089. We have followed the evolution of the electrons as they propagatealong the jet and emit synchrotron and inverse Compton radiation. We haveconsidered two sources of external photons: the dusty torus and the broad lineregion. We have also examined the effects of the absorption of the high energyphotons both in the broad line region and on extragalactic background light. Wehave successfully modeled the observed spectrum of PKS 1510-089. In our model,the highest energy emission is the result of the Comptonization of the infraredphotons from the dusty torus, thus avoiding Klein-Nishina regime, while thebulk of the emission in the GeV range is still dominated by the Comptonizationof radiation coming from the broad line region.


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