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Paleogeographic reconstructions of Carboniferrous sedimentation of Kyrgyz Tien-Shan

, : Paleogeographic reconstructions of Carboniferrous sedimentation of Kyrgyz Tien-Shan. Congres Geologique International, Resumes 33

Carboniferous sediments are spread widely in Tien-Shan. They are represented by continental, marine and transitional facial types of rocks. In the Northern and Middle Tien-Shan, coast-marine carbonaceous and carbonate-terrigenous sediments were accumulated in the lower part of the section (to middle of the Lower Bashkirian) and continental terrigenous rocks were accumulated in the upper part of the section. In the Southern Tien-Shan, abyssal and shelf sediments accumulated in the lower part of the section, but transitional and molasse rocks were accumulated in the upper part of the section. Paleogeographic position of Carboniferous had been become clear by existence of Kyrgyz-Kazakh Continent in the northern part of Kyrgyzstan and by existence of Alai-Tarim and Karakum-Tajiki microcontinents in the southern part. Turkestan and Jagnob paleooceans had separated them. The Tournaisian - Serpukhovian time interval. In this time, coast-marine sediments (sandstones, siltstones) with acid tuffs accumulated in the northern part of Kyrgyz-Kazakh Continent and carbonaceous rocks were accumulated in the South (it is Middle Tien-Shan in the contemporary coordinates). Cherty-carbonaceous rocks of deep-water trench, island arcs and back-arc basin were accumulated on different morphostructural elements of Alai-Tarim Microcontinent and Turkestan Paleoocean. In the southern part of Turkestan Paleoocean (the Southern Tien-Shan) and on the shallow shelf of Jagnob Paleoocean, marine carbonaceous rocks with numerous organic remains of foraminifers, corals and brachiopods accumulated. In this time, pelagic flints with conodonts and radiolarians were formed in Jagnob Paleoocean. Bashkirian-Gzhelian time interval. At the southern margin of Kyrgyz-Kazakh continent, continental sedimentation continued. To the south-east, terrigene-calcareous sediments of residual sea basins accumulated in the Bashkirian. At the northern margin of Tarim, arrangement of main areas of sedimentation was preserved. In the Bashkirian, rifting was continued at Karakum-Tajiki microcontinent. Volcanic eruptions occurred through this rifting. At the northern margin of Turkestan Paleoocean, wide olistostrome-formation was begun since middle of Moscovian associated with collision of Kyrgyz-Kazakh and Alai-Tarim continents. This collision caused a formation of overthrust sheets. They are formed groups into two overthrust belts: the northern and southern. The northern belt is limited by suture of Turkestan Paleoocean and rear troughs formed by breccias and molasse strata (the Karachatyr, Kelematy and Okhna-Taldyk troughs). In the south, foredeeps filled up by flysh sediments and olistostromes were located in front of the southern thrust belt.


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