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Possibilities of the Sm-Nd dating of sulphides

, : Possibilities of the Sm-Nd dating of sulphides. Congres Geologique International, Resumes 33

For the first time in Russia the Sm-Nd investigations of sulfides from magmatic and metamorphic rocks of Kola Peninsula were carried out. At the present time such researches are rarely realized. The aim of this investigation was the determination of Sm and Nd concentrations and isotopic compositions of Nd in sulfides. The rocks for these researches were selected from northern part of Lapland granulitic belt and Voche-Lambina greenstone belt. Fractional sulfide opening was being carried out with HF, HCl and aqua regia. After fractional acid leaching REE were separated from the solution by cation exchange chromatography. The cation exchange resin used was Dowex 50 X 8 (200-400 mesh). Other minerals and whole rocks were opened according to standard procedure [Zhuravlev et al., 1987]. All measurements were carried on the mass-spectrometer Finnigan MAT-262 (RPQ), blank of Sm 200 pg and Nd 300 pg. The sulfides and whole rock from plagiogranites of Lapland granulitic belt were separated for isotopic Sm-Nd researches. Isotope Sm-Nd age for the rock is 1837+ or -75 Ma, Sigma Nd = -1.7. Concentrations of Sm and Nd in sulfides are 0.527 ppm and 3.173 ppm, respectively. Isotope composition of Nd in sulfides is equal to 0.511388. This age is corresponding to the time of rock crystallization and is coeval to U-Pb zircon data. The apatite, titanite, sulfides and WR from biotite-amphibolitic gneiss of Voche-Lambina greenstone belt were separated. Mineral Sm-Nd isochrone age is equal to 1489+ or -28 Ma, Sigma Nd = -7.5. Concentrations of Sm and Nd in sulfides are 1.738 ppm and 14.745 ppm, respectively. Isotope ratio of Nd in sulfides is equal to 0.511933. This age is corresponding to the time of metamorphic transformation of rock. Consequently this new data evidences possibility of using sulfides for Sm-Nd dating. This study was supported by Scientific School 1413.2006.5, State Program 02.445.11.7403, 8 RAS and RFBR 08-05-00324.


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