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Tveitite-Y and rare-earth enriched fluorite from amazonite pegmatites of western Keivy, Kola Peninsula, Russia; genetic crystal-chemistry of natural Ca, REE-fluorides

, : Tveitite-Y and rare-earth enriched fluorite from amazonite pegmatites of western Keivy, Kola Peninsula, Russia; genetic crystal-chemistry of natural Ca, REE-fluorides. Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society 137.3

Tveitite-(Y) was found at Rovgora, western Keyvy, Kola Peninsula, Russia, in albite-quartz-amazonite pegmatite vein related to alkaline granite. It occurs as pods up to 10 cm. Its grains (up to 4 cm) are composed of parallel micro-intergrowths of two isostructural varieties with composition as follows: Ca(9.5) Na(1.7) Y(5.2) Ln(2.0) ) F(42.6) and Ca(11.4) Na(1.9) Y(4.4) Ln(1.4) F(42.0) . The simplified formula is (Ca,REE, Na)13 (Y,Na)6 F(42) ; space group R-3, a = 17.020, c = 9.679 Aa. Nine fluorite samples containing from 0 to 18 mole % (REE)F3 were examined by electron probe, X-ray diffraction and IR spectroscopy. The crystal structure of natural yttrofluorite has been first studied (R = 1.47 %): Fm3m, a = 5.493 Aa, the structural formula is (Ca(0.82) Y(0.12) Ln(0.06) ) F(2.15) . Earlier-published and new data show that yttrofluorite containing (REE) F3 >20 mole % and REE-rich fluorite with LREE>Y(HREE) are metastable under room conditions. In nature tveitite-(Y) is a product of solid-state transformation of metastable yttrofluorite with (REE) F3 >20 mole %, which can also break down to varieties of tveitite-(Y) with different compositions of tveitite-(Y) + stable yttrofluorite. For the formation of tveitite-(Y), enrichment of the system by not only Y but also light and heavy lanthanides is presumably necessary. LREE and HREE seem stabilizing admixtures, which order to different types of Ca-dominant sites in the structure. Tveitite-(Y) and yttrofluorite are geochemical indicators for media not only enriched by Y, Ln and F but also depleted by Na, Ca, CO2 and P.


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