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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 37323

Chapter 37323 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Allozyme and advertisement call variation in the Tungara frog, Physalaemus pustulosus. Evolution 50.6: 2435-2453

Allozyme and mitochondrial DNA separation of Pacific northern bluefin tuna, Thunnus thynnus orientalis Temminck and Schlegel, from southern bluefin tuna, Thunnus maccoyii Castelnau. Marine and Freshwater Research 46.6: 921-930

Allozyme differences between two endangered Mediterranean killifishes, Aphanius iberus and A fasciatus Teleostei Cyprinodontidae. Italian Journal of Zoology (Modena) 65.3: 303-306

Allozyme differentiation within and between red drum Sciaenops ocellatus from the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean. Journal of Fish Biology 44.4: 567-590

Allozyme evidence for insularity in exotic populations of the Mediterranean gecko Hemidactylus turcicus. Journal of Herpetology 28.3: 391-393

Allozyme variation analysis in Albinaria Gastropoda Pulmonata Clausiliidae. Proceedings of the International Malacological Congress 10.1: 147-151

Allozyme variation in Eurema hecabe. Nature & Insects 28.10: 15-18

Allozyme variation in turbot Psetta maxima and brill Scophthalmus rhombus Osteichthyes, Pleuronectoformes Pleuronectiformes, Scophthalmidae throughout their range in Europe. Journal of Fish Biology 41.5: 725-736

Allozymic and morphological differentiation among three South American frogs, genus Eupsophus (E. roseus, E. insularis and E. contulmoensis). Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. B, Comparative Biochemistry 102(1): 57-60

Allozymic and morphological variability in three syntopic species of wood mice from the subgenus Sylvaemus Rodentia, Muridae, Apodemus from Daghestan. Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 74.5 (Mai): 107-119

Allozymic and morphometric comparisons among indigo and lazuli buntings and their hybrids. Auk 115.2: 537-542

Allozymic characterization of bisexual and unisexual populations of the genus Meira Duval 1852 Coleoptera Curculionidae a preliminary survey. Atti del Congresso Nazionale Italiano di Entomologia 17

Alnitak effects a high seas study on cetaceans of the Mediterranean. Quercus 125 (Julio): 38-39

Alona sketi sp n Cladocera Chydoridae, the second cave-inhabiting cladoceran from former Yugoslavia. Hydrobiologia 248.2 (december 4): 105-114

Alona spp in Norway distribution and ecology. Internationale Vereinigung fuer Theoretische und Angewandte Limnologie Verhandlungen 25.4: 2358-2359

Alpha-Lactalbumin affects the acceptor specificity of Lymnaea stagnalis albumen gland UDP-GalNAcGlcNAcbeta-R beta1-4-N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase synthesis of GalNAcbeta1-4Glc. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 93.19 (September 17): 10111-10116

Alpha-amylases of the coffee berry borer (Hypothenemus hampei) and their inhibition by two plant amylase inhibitors. Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 30(3): 207-213

Alpha-tomatine synergises with paclitaxel to enhance apoptosis of androgen-independent human prostate cancer PC-3 cells in vitro and in vivo. Phytomedicine 20(14): 1297-1305

Alpine swifts over Madurai. Newsletter for Birdwatchers 32.7-8 (July-August): 15

Alpine-type tectonics in the Paleoproterozoic Lapland-Kola Orogen. Geotectonics 47(4): 251-265

Alsophis portoricensis Puerto Rican racer Diet. Herpetological Review 24.4: 150-151

Alsophis portoricensis richardi ground snake Feeding. Herpetological Review 24.1: 34

Alsophis vudii vudii brown runner Diet and growth. Herpetological Review 25.1: 28

Alstr m Syndrome Cardiac Magnetic Resonance findings.

Alt bekannt mit neuem Gewand Der Kardinalfisch, Tanichthys albonubes. Aquarium (Bornheim), Suppl. No. 275: 9

Altbekannt, doch fast vergessen, der Schragsteher, Nannobrycon eques. Aquarium (Bornheim), Suppl. No. 279: 30-31

Alteration of cartilage degeneration and inflammation markers in temporomandibular joint osteoarthritis occurs proportionally. Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 71(10): 1659-1664

Alteration of cardiac glucose metabolism in association to low birth weight: experimental evidence in lambs with left ventricular hypertrophy. Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental 62(11): 1662-1672

Alterations of Exhaled Breath Metabolite-mixtures in Two Rat Models of Lipopolysaccharide-induced Lung Injury.

Alterations of motor cortical excitability and anatomy in Unverricht-Lundborg disease. Movement Disorders 28(13): 1860-1867

Alterations to bone mineral composition as an early indication of osteomyelitis in the diabetic foot. Diabetes Care 36(11): 3652-3654

Altered amygdala activation in schizophrenia patients during emotion processing. Schizophrenia Research 150(1): 101-106

Altered brain metabolism in vestibular migraine: comparison of interictal and ictal findings. Cephalalgia 34(1): 58-67

Altered resting state effective connectivity in long-standing vegetative state patients: an EEG study. Clinical Neurophysiology 125(1): 63-68

Altered transition state for RNase A.

Alternation of actinosporean and myxosporean phases in the life cycle of Zschokkella nova (Myxozoa). Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 42(6): 665-668

Alternative agents in refractory chronic urticaria: evidence and considerations on their selection and use. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. in Practice 1(5): 433-440.E1

Alternative Dietary Fiber Sources in Companion Animal Nutrition. Nutrients 5: 3099-3117

Alternative life histories of the genus Lucania 3 An ecomorphological explanation of altricial L parva and precocial L goodei species. Environmental Biology of Fishes 41.1-4: 369-402

Alternative mating tactics in Calopteryx splendens Odonata Calopterygidae. Mitteilungen der Deutschen Gesellschaft fuer Allgemeine und Angewandte Entomologie 11.1-6 (Dezember): 411-414

Alternative mating tactics in white-faced dragonflies experimental evidence for a behavioural assessment ESS. Animal Behaviour 46.2: 325-334

Alternative reproductive behaviour in the common goby, Pomatoschistus microps an ontogenetic gradient?. Animal Behaviour 44.1: 182-184

Alternative splicing modifies the effect of mutations in COL11A1 and results in recessive type 2 Stickler syndrome with profound hearing loss. Journal of Medical Genetics 50(11): 765-771

Altitudinal distribution and seasonal occurrences of ground beetles Coleoptera, Carabidae in an intermediate-temperate mountain in northern Kanto, central Japan. Japanese Journal of Entomology 64.1 (March 25): 83-91

Altiverruca beringiana sp n Crustacea, Cirripedia - a first find of Verrucomorpha in boreal Pacific. Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 71.8: 140-144

Altruistic behaviour and parental care in birds. Russkii Ornitologicheskii Zhurnal Ekspress Vypusk 29: 3-17

Altruistic gene a priori involves two different deleterious gene effects a reply to Keller. Journal of Theoretical Biology 174.4 (21 June): 471-472

Aluminium content of stream animals at low pH - is that biomonitoring?. Internationale Vereinigung fuer Theoretische und Angewandte Limnologie Verhandlungen 26. 3. (Marz)

Alveolar nerve repositioning with rescue implants for management of previous treatment. A clinical report. Journal of Prosthodontics 22(8): 633-640

Alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma after treatment of osteosarcoma. Pediatrics International 55(4): 527-530

Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease genome-wide association study top hits and risk of Parkinson's disease in Korean population. Neurobiology of Aging 34(11): 2695.E1-7

Alzheimer's disease risk genes and the age-at-onset phenotype. Neurobiology of Aging 34(11): 2696.E1-5

Am tropies en milieu scolaire dans la r gion centrale du Togo.

Amankul B Bekenov 60 years. Selevinia 1998-1999: 250

Amastin mRNA abundance in Trypanosoma cruzi is controlled by a 3minute-untranslated region position-dependent cis-element and an untranslated region-binding protein. Journal of Biological Chemistry 275.16 (April 21): 12051-12060

Amauris schubotzi ssp of A hyalites Description of the female Lepidoptera Danaidae. Lambillionea, Suppl. (Tome 1) 99.4 (Decembre): 519-520

Amazon discovery a new discus color form. Tropical Fish Hobbyist 42.4: 16

Amber window in time. Tropical Fish Hobbyist 40.12: 172-176

Ambito de accion, uso del habitat y actividad diaria de la taltuza Orthogeomys heterodus Rodentia Geomyidae en una zona horticola de Costa Rica. Revista de Biologia Tropical 42.1-2 (Abril-Agosto): 297-303

Ambivalence and its influence on participation in screening for colorectal cancer. Qualitative Health Research 23(9): 1188-1201

Amblyodipsas unicolor. Herpetological Review 23.1: 26

Ambulant betreute Wohngemeinschaften f r Menschen mit Pflegebedarf.

Ambystoma barbouri streamside salamander. Herpetological Review 28.3: 155

Ambystoma californiense California tiger salamander Burrowing ability. Herpetological Review 27.4: 194

Ambystoma gracile northwestern salamander Maximum size. Herpetological Review 30.1: 36

Ambystoma gracile northwestern salamander Predation and cannibalism. Herpetological Review 30.3: 159

Ambystoma laterale blue-spotted salamander. Herpetological Review 28.1: 47

Ambystoma laterale blue-spotted salamander Courtship and egg laying behavior. Herpetological Review 29.3: 162

Ambystoma laterale x A jeffersonium blue-spotted salamander x Jefferson salamander hybrid. Herpetological Review 26.3: 150

Ambystoma mabeei Mabees salamander Breeding migration. Herpetological Review 29.1: 36-37

Ambystoma macrodactylum long-toed salamander. Herpetological Review 30.3: 171

Ambystoma opacum marbled salamander Albinism. Herpetological Review 29.4: 229

Ambystoma opacum marbled salamander Communal nesting. Herpetological Review 27.3: 134

Ambystoma rivulare Michoacan stream siredon Cannibalism. Herpetological Review 30.3: 159

Ambystoma talpoideum mole salamander Timing of breeding. Herpetological Review 31.3: 166

Ambystoma taylori Taylors salamander Record size. Herpetological Review 26.4: 196

Ambystoma texanum smallmouth salamander Maximum size. Herpetological Review 26.1: 29

Ambystoma texanum smallmouth salamander Reproduction. Herpetological Review 28.4: 199

Ambystoma tigrinum eastern tiger salamander. Herpetological Review 30.1: 49

Ambystoma tigrinum mavortium barred tiger salamander. Herpetological Review 23.3: 84

Ambystoma tigrinum melanostictum blotched tiger salamander Predation. Herpetological Review 28.2: 81

Ambystoma tigrinum stebbinsi Sonoran tiger salamander Predation. Herpetological Review 30.3: 159

Ambystoma tigrinum tiger salamander Reproduction. Herpetological Review 26.1: 29-30

Ambystoma tigrinum tiger salamander coccidia. Herpetological Review 31.2: 97

Ambystoma tigrinum tigrinum Eastern tiger salamander Reproduction and twinning. Herpetological Review 26.3: 142

Ambystoma tigrinum tigrinum eastern tiger salamander Developmental polymorphism. Herpetological Review 24.4: 147-148

Ameiva bifrontata. Herpetological Review 29.2: 109-110

Ameiva chrysolaema ficta NCN Parasitism. Herpetological Review 28.4: 201

Ameiva edracantha Bocourts ameiva. Herpetological Review 31.1: 52

Ameiva exsul ground lizard Behavior. Herpetological Review 24.4: 150

Ameiva undulata rainbow ameiva. Herpetological Review 27.4: 210

American Elasmobranch Society Symposium on Elasmobranch Genetics. Copeia  1995.3: 525-576. (August 18

American coot kills yellow-headed blackbird nestlings. Wilson Bulletin 104.3: 552-553

American crows Corvus brachyrhynchos eating sand. Passenger Pigeon 59.1 (Spring): 73-74

American mink Mustela vison Schreber, 1777. Natuurhistorische Bibliotheek van de KNNV 56: 150-154

American painted lady Vanessa virginiensis Drury Lep Nymphalidae on La Gomera, Canary Islands. Entomologist's Record and Journal of Variation 112.5 (September-October): 210

Americas first hippo. American Zoo and Aquarium Association Regional Conference Proceedings

Amicytheridea Bate, 1975 Crustacea, Ostracoda A triangulata Bate, 1975 designated as the type species. Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature 50.3 (30 September): 244

Amino acid availability of selected plant products and fish meal for American alligator Alligator mississippiensis. Aquaculture 412 413: 81-87

Amino acid composition of Amussium pleuronectes Linnaeus Katelysia opima Gmelin and Meretrix meretrix Linnaeus Mollusca Bivalvia from Portonovo waters, India. Proceedings of the International Malacological Congress 10.1: 163-166

Amino acid requirements of fish a critical appraisal of present values. Aquaculture 124.1-4: 1-11

Ammonia excretion rate of Clytia spp hydromedusae Cnidaria, Thecata effects of individual dry weight, temperature and food availability. Marine Ecology Progress Series 87.1-2: 55-63

Ammonite fauna from the Wenonah Formation Upper Cretaceous of New Jersey. Journal of Paleontology 68.1: 95-110

Ammonites nodosus currently Ceratites nodosus; Cephalopoda, Ammonoidea specific name attributed to Schlotheim, 1813, and a lectotype designated. Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature 52.2 (30 June): 200-203

Ammonium assimilation and regeneration by size-fractionated plankton in permanently well-mixed temperate waters. Journal of Plankton Research 18.3: 355-370

Among family variation in tadpole Rana catesbeiana responses to density. Journal of Herpetology 33.1: 167-169

Amotivation and functional outcomes in early schizophrenia. Psychiatry Research 210(2): 665-668

Amounts of discards by commercial fisheries and their significance as food for seabirds in the North Sea. Marine Ecology Progress Series 136.1-3 (June 6): 1-11

Ampedus nigrinus Herbst Col Elateridae larvae in birch. Entomologist's Record and Journal of Variation 108.3-4 (March-April): 95-96

Ampedus tristis Linnaeus Coleoptera Elateridae in Britain. Entomologist's Record and Journal of Variation 105.5-6 (May-June): 119-124

Amphi-panamic geminates of snook (Percoidei: Centropomidae) provide a calibration of the divergence rate in the mitochondrial DNA control region of fishes. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 13(1): 208-213

Amphibia - Reptilia Bibliographie Herpetologischer Bibliographien 3. Courier Forschungsinstitut Senckenberg 167 (10 Marz): 1-138

Amphibian declines and habitat acidification. Journal of Herpetology  26.4: 349-442

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Amphibian distribution of Jilin Province. Sichuan Journal of Zoology, Suppl. (Supplement) 14

Amphibian fauna and geographic distribution of Zhejiang Province. Sichuan Journal of Zoology, Suppl. (Supplement) 14

Amphibian fauna and zoogeographic division of Anhui Province. Sichuan Journal of Zoology, Suppl. (Supplement) 14

Amphibian fauna and zoogeographic division of Gansu Province. Sichuan Journal of Zoology, Suppl. (Supplement) 14

Amphibian fauna and zoogeographic division of Guangdong Province. Sichuan Journal of Zoology, Suppl. (Supplement) 14

Amphibian fauna and zoogeographic division of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Sichuan Journal of Zoology, Suppl. (Supplement) 14

Amphibian fauna and zoogeographic division of Hebei Province, including Beijing and Tianjin Municipalities. Sichuan Journal of Zoology, Suppl. (Supplement) 14

Amphibian fauna and zoogeographic division of Heilongjiang Province. Sichuan Journal of Zoology, Suppl. (Supplement) 14

Amphibian fauna and zoogeographic division of Hubei Province. Sichuan Journal of Zoology, Suppl. (Supplement) 14

Amphibian fauna and zoogeographic division of Jiangsu Province, including Shanghai Municipality. Sichuan Journal of Zoology, Suppl. (Supplement) 14

Amphibian fauna and zoogeographic division of Jiangxi Province. Sichuan Journal of Zoology, Suppl. (Supplement) 14

Amphibian fauna and zoogeographic division of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. Sichuan Journal of Zoology, Suppl. (Supplement) 14

Amphibian fauna and zoogeographic division of Shaanxi Province. Sichuan Journal of Zoology, Suppl. (Supplement) 14

Amphibian fauna and zoogeographic division of Sichuan Province. Sichuan Journal of Zoology, Suppl. (Supplement) 14

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Amphibienkartierung im Landkreis Weissenburg-Gunzenhausen. Schriftenreihe Bayerisches Landesamt fuer Umweltschutz 112: 123-125

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Amphiesma monticola Jerdon at Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka. Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society 90.1: 114

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Amphipyra pyramidea Linnaeus copper underwing Lep Noctuidae larvae on grape-vine Vitis vinifera. Entomologist's Record and Journal of Variation 106.7-8 (July-August): 140

Amphisbaena alba worm lizard. Herpetological Review 23.3: 89

Amphisbaena mertensii NCN. Herpetological Review 27.1: 31

Amphisbaena prunicolor prunicolor NCN. Herpetological Review 27.1: 31

Amphisbaenia Amphisbaena fuliginosa varia. Herpetological Review 31.4: 253

Amphiuma means two-toed amphiuma. Herpetological Review 23.3: 84

Amphiuma means two-toed amphiuma Diet. Herpetological Review 29.3: 162

Amphiuma pholeter one-toed amphiuma. Herpetological Review 26.1: 41

Amphiuma tridactylum Cuvier, 1827 Amphibia, Caudata specific name conserved. Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature 50.2 (30 June): 183

Amphiuma tridactylum three-toed amphiuma. Herpetological Review 31.3: 181

Amphiuma tridactylum three-toed amphiuma Coloration. Herpetological Review 27.3: 134-135

Amphiuma tridactylum three-toed amphiuma Ectoparasites. Herpetological Review 29.3: 163

Amphynomids and eufrosinids Polychaeta from the Mexican Caribbean and keys to recognized Grand Caribbean species. Revista de Biologia Tropical 44(3)-45(1).B: 379-390

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Amsel Turdus merula trankt fluggen Jungvogel. Ornithologische Mitteilungen 44.10: 268

Amygdalo-hypothalamic projections in the lizard Podarcis hispanica: a combined anterograde and retrograde tracing study. Journal of Comparative Neurology 384(4): 537-555

Amylase, proteases, esterase and transaminases in aestivating Macrochlamys indica Godwin-Austen Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Ariophantidae. Proceedings of the International Malacological Congress 9

Amyloid precursor protein as a molecular target for amyloid a induced neuronal degeneration in Alzheimers disease.

Amyloid beta immunization worsens iron deposits in the choroid plexus and cerebral microbleeds. Neurobiology of Aging 34(11): 2613-2622

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An Age Difference of 2 Gyr between a Metal-Rich and a Metal-Poor Globular Cluster.

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An Integrated Artificial Neural Network and System Dynamics Approach in Support of the Viable System Model to Enhance Industrial Intelligence The Case of a Large Broiler Industry. Systems Research and Behavioral Science 31(2): 236-257

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