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Antimicrobial effect of bayberry leaf extract for the preservation of large yellow croaker Pseudosciaena crocea

, : Antimicrobial effect of bayberry leaf extract for the preservation of large yellow croaker Pseudosciaena crocea.

Chemical preservatives have been widely used to keep large yellow croaker fresh. However, the potential harmfulness to human health cannot be ignored. This study was undertaken to investigate the antimicrobial effect of bayberry leaf extract, and evaluate the efficacy of this natural product on the preservation of large yellow croaker. The minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) values of bayberry leaf extract against bacteria were 1.0a mg mLa 1 for Micrococcus luteus, 0.5a mg mLa 1 for Staphylococcus aureus, 0.25a mg mLa 1 for Escherichia coli, 0.5a mg mLa 1 for Pseudomonas aeruginosa, 0.0625a mg mLa 1 for Vibrio parahaemolyticus, and 0.03125a mg mLa 1 for Listeria monocytogenes, respectively. This result was confirmed by the diameters of inhibition zone (DIZ) assay. Further studies showed that the bacterial growth was significantly retarded when pretreated large yellow croaker with bayberry leaf extract (2a ga La 1) compared to that in the control group. Moreover, the generation of total volatile basic nitrogenous compounds (TVB-N), ATP degradation products (K-value) and thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances (TBARS) were significantly reduced compared to that in the control group. Our results demonstrated that the shelf life of large yellow croaker can be extended when supplemented with bayberry leaf extract, which might have implications for natural preservatives.


DOI: 10.1002/jsfa.6338

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