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The problems with Polypedilum Kieffer Diptera Chironomidae, with the description of Probolum subgen n

, : The problems with Polypedilum Kieffer Diptera Chironomidae, with the description of Probolum subgen n. Zootaxa 2497 (7 Jun): 1-36

A phylogenetic analysis of the genus Polypedilum Kieffer utilizing only species with known larvae, and including one additional species presumed to belong to a new subgenus was performed. The subgenera Tripodura Townes, 1945, Pentapedilum Kieffer, 1913 and Cerobregma Saether et Sundal, 1999, were all monophyletic, while Uresipedilum Oyewo et Saether, 1998 was monophyletic when the new subgenus Probolum was excluded. Polypedilum s. str. was never monophyletic even when excluding the atypical P. nubifer (Skuse, 1889), but if the relationships between subgenera were unresolved a cladogram as short as the shortest trees could be erected with Polypedilum s. str. as monophyletic. It is proposed to reestablish the genus Tripedilum Kieffer, 1921a as a subgenus with the type species P. (T.) fuscipenne (Kieffer, 1921a) and including P. (T.) nubifer (Skuse); treat Polypedilum Kieffer, 1913 as valid (pending an application to the ICZN to supress Polypedilum Kieffer, 1912); reestablish the subgenus Kribionympha Kieffer, 1921a with the type species Polypedilum (Kribionympha) declivis Kieffer, 1922; give priority to Tripodura Townes, 1945 over senior synonyms; and erect the new subgenus Probolum Andersen et Saether with Polypedilum (Probolum) marcondesi Pinho et Mendes sp. n. as type species and including at least P. (Probolum) pedatum excelsius Townes sensu Grodhaus et Rotramel, 1980, P. (Probolum) simantokeleum Sasa, Suzuki et Sakai, 1998 and P. (Probolum) bullum Zhang et Wang, 2004. Short diagnoses for the subgenera of Polypedilum are presented. Polypedilum (Probolum) marcondesi subgen. n., sp. n. is described and figured as male, female, pupa and larva. The two subspecies of P. (Uresipedilum) pedatum Townes, 1945 are regarded as full species. The male imago of P. (Uresipedilum) excelsius Townes, 1945 and the male and female of P. (Uresipedilum) pedatum Townes are redescribed.


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