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A contribution to the sawfly fauna of the winter rainfall area of southern Africa revision of the genus Triarge Forsius, 1931 with description of a new species of Pampsilota Konow, 1899 Hymenoptera Symphyta Argidae Arginae, Athermantinae

, : A contribution to the sawfly fauna of the winter rainfall area of southern Africa revision of the genus Triarge Forsius, 1931 with description of a new species of Pampsilota Konow, 1899 Hymenoptera Symphyta Argidae Arginae, Athermantinae. Mitteilungen aus dem Museum fuer Naturkunde in Berlin Zoologische Reihe, 822: 223-238

The sawfly fauna of the winter rainfall area of Namibia and South Africa is very poor both in number of species and number of individuals. Triarge Forsius, 1931 is raised from synonymy with Arge Schrank. Triarge seems to be endemic to this area. The only previously known species Triarge plumbea Forsius, 1931, which is redescribed here, is from Western Cape Province of South Africa. Seven species are described as new: Triarge citrusdalensis n. sp., T. flavoapicalis n. sp., T. karooensis n. sp., T. mosselbayensis n. sp., T. namaquaensis n. sp., T. nigra n. sp., T. winterhoekensis n. sp. A key for the eight known species is given. All species are figured, their geographic distribution and taxonomic relationships are discussed. Pampsilota luederitzensis n. sp. is described as new, illustrated and compared with another Namibian species R. brandbergensis Koch, 2006. copyright 2006 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.


DOI: 10.1002/mmnz.200600008

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