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A contribution to the study of the genus Porrhomma Araneae Linyphiidae Notes on a population of P egeria Simon and other cavernicolous species

, : A contribution to the study of the genus Porrhomma Araneae Linyphiidae Notes on a population of P egeria Simon and other cavernicolous species. International Journal of Speleology, 92: 89-96

Porrhomma moravicum M et K and P. obambulatum K. should be considered synonymous to P. egeria Simon. Slight morphological variations are common among widely distributed species where such phenomena as geographical and ecological isolation were evoked (Mayr, 1963). Polytypism among cavernicolous species appears highly probable. P. rosenhaueri remains an enigmatic species having affinities with P. myops and P. egeria.


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