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A herpetofauna from an eastern extension of the Harrison Formation Early Miocene Arikareean, Cherry County, Nebraska

, : A herpetofauna from an eastern extension of the Harrison Formation Early Miocene Arikareean, Cherry County, Nebraska. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, 11: 49-56

The Mouth of McCann's Canyon Site represents an eastern extension of the Harrison Formation (Early Miocene: Arikareean) in Cherry County, Nebraska. At least 1 anuran Scaphiopus neuter Kluge 1 turtle cf. Emydidae , 3 lizards HARRISONSAURUS fossilis gen. et sp. nov, Eumeces antiguus sp. nov. and cf. Peltosaurus sp. and 6 snakes Calamagras angulatus Cope, C. platyspondyla Holman, Ogmophis miocompactus Holman, Anilioides nebraskensis Holman, Geringophis depressus Holman and viperid gen. et sp. indeterminate are present. The fauna provides the earliest North American records of the modern lizard genus Eumeces and of the snake family Viperidae. The teeth of Harrisonsaurus have bulbous tips separated from the remainder of the crowns by constricted necks. With the exception of a single viperid, the snake fauna is a typical Early Miocene one, consisting of 5 small boids. A cervical vertebra of the extinct boid genus Geringophis is described and figured for the 1st time.


DOI: 10.2307/4522835

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