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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 37672

Chapter 37672 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

A pair of subadult Coopers hawks nest in Indiana. Indiana Audubon Quarterly, 711: 26-34

A pair of swallows Hirundo rustica suspected breeding in June 1988. Il-Merill, 17-18 No. 25

A pair of white geese Anser caerulescens/rossii nesting in north Iceland. Natturufraedingurinn, 533-4: 177-189

A pair of white-backed night herons Gorsachius leuconotus in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania. Scopus, 73-4: 90-91

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A paired entoplastron in Trionyx and its significance. Indianapolis Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science 25th Anniv, 1909 345-350

A pairing process. Theoretical Population Biology 8(1): 81-86

A pajzsos canko Philomachos pugnax feszkelese a csakvari rtes. Allattani Kozlemenyek, 581-4: 174-175

A palaearctikus Bracon-felek rendszere 10 Rajzzal = cuts 2 alcsalad Exothecus-felek Exothecinae. Allattani Kozlemenyek, 126-137

A palaearctikus Braconfelek rendszere 8 es 9 alesalad Rhogasses Rhyssalus-felek. Allattani Kozlemenyek, 105-114

A palaearktibus Braconidak meghatarozo tablazatai. Potfuz Termes Kozlony, XXXIII 174-184 & 261-288

A palaeo-opportunistic brachiopod from the Early Permian of Argentina. Alcheringa, 241-2: 45-53

A palaeoanthropological tour in the Peoples Republic of China. Discovery (New Haven): 122: 42-51

A palaeobatrachid anuran ilium from the british eocene. Herpetological Journal. January; 61: 35-36

A palaeobiological approach to the cave bears from Linares and Eiros Galicia, Spain. Cadernos Laboratorio Xeoloxico de Laxe, 26: 415-422

A palaeodietary investigation of carbon 13C/12C and nitrogen 15N/14N in human and faunal bones from the Copper Age cemeteries of Varna I and Durankulak, Bulgaria. Journal of Archaeological Science. November; 3311: 1493-1504

A palaeoecological interpretation of the Cretaceous and Paleogene foraminifers of the Polish Outer Carpathians. Biuletyn Instytuto Geologicznego (Warsaw): 7-62 No. 346

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A palaeokarst from the Lower Cretaceous Middle Berriasian in the western Swiss Jura Bienne region correlation with boreal and tethys areas Un paleokarst du Cretace basal Berriasien moyen dans le Jura suisse occidental region de Bienne correlations avec les domaines boreal et tethysien. Cretaceous Research. August; 174: 403-418

A palaeolithic site at Zhou-Jia-You-Fang in Yushu County Jilin Province. Vertebrata Palasiatica, 193: 281-290

A palaeolithic site with Pithecanthropian remains in the Plain of Esdraelon, near Kibbutz Hazorea. Israel Exploration Journal, 17: 114-118

A palaeolithic site with mammoth remains at Nowa Huta, Cracow, Poland. Folia quatern.: 36: 1-20,10 pis

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A palaeontological basis for the stratigraphy of the Triassic deposits of the Primorsky Krai. Inst (Biostrat Sbor) NS: 181: 10-120

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A palaeontological terminology dictionary palaeoichnology, palaeoecology and taphonomy. Unknown

A palaeontological treatise of micro-fauna from tho well drilling Tusanj III-Donja Tuzla Bosnia. Zborn Radova gool Inst. 1952; 4: 243-267

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A palaeontologist visits China. Biologist (London): 273: 137-139

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A pale blue chaetognath from Tanabe Bay. Publications of the Seto Marine Biological Laboratory, 14: 21-22

A pale mutant mourning Dove. Auk, 62: 300

A pale mutant wild turkey in juvenal plumage. Quarterly Journal of the Florida Academy of Sciences, 32: 236-238

A pale mutation in the Ground Squirrel an albinoid color-phase in Citellus elegans resembling the recessive cream mutation in the Rat. Journal of Heredity Washington, 28: 259-200

A pale short-tailed shearwater. Notornis, 194: 366

A pale-legged Bewicks swan in Co Cork. Irish Birds, 31: 99

A paleo-Indian bison kill. Scientific American, 216(1): 44-52

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A paleoceanological reconstruction of the Djebel-Dyr outcrop Algeria based on ostracodes from Paleocene to early Eocene. Unknown

A paleoecologic analysis of the Bassarabian Middle Sarmatian vertebrate association from Credinta and Ciobanita southern Dobrogea based on the taphonomic characters processed through methods of numerical taxonomy. Travaux du Museum d'Histoire Naturelle "Grigore Antipa": 28: 275-283

A paleoecologic and paleo-biqgeographic study of Maastrichtian planktonic Foraminifera. Dissertation Abstracts, 27B 4445

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A paleoniscoid Pisces, Actinopterygii from Buxieres-les-Mines, evidence of faunal relationships between Massif central and Bohemia at the turn over between Carboniferous and Permian Un paleoniscoide Pisces, Actinopterygii de Buxieres-les-Mines, temoin des affinites fauniques entre Massif central et Boheme au passage Carbonifere-Permien. Geodiversitas, 212: 147-155

A paleontologia na geologia do Cretdceo no nordeste do Brasil. Anais Acad Bras Cienc, 43: 89-101 Supl.

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A paleontological approach to the stratigraphic investigation of Neogene sediments of Tripura-Cachhar region. Unknown

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A pallial boring gland in Barnea manilensis Bivalvia Pholadidae?. Unknown

A palm mealybug, Palmicultor palmarum Ehrhorn Hem, Pseudococcidae, now found in the Canary Islands. Entomologist's Monthly Magazine. July-September; 1391670-1672: 178

A palm-nut vulture in Lusaka Province. Bulletin Zambian Ornithological Society, 92: 60-61

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A pantropical comparison of bird community structure of six lowland forest sites. Condor, 792: 232-244

A paper chromatographic approach to the problem of soil enrichment by earthworms. Current Science, 31: 148

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A paper on ecology use in design of integrated pest management programmes El papel de la ecologia en el diseno de programas de manejo integrado de plagas. Ceiba. Junio; 331: 199-206 (Parte B)

A paper on heredity. Unknown

A paper on the Fauna and Flora of the Irbit District in Bulletin de la Societe Ouralienne, Ekaterinburg, iv. Unknown

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A paradise for killis located at the edge of the world Account of a trip to boreal Chaco in Paraguay Un paradis pour les killis situe au bout du monde Recit dun voyage dans le Chaco boreal du Paraguay. Killi-Contact. Janvier-Fevrier; 291: 3-22

A paradise for mocos Construction of housing for mocos Kerodon rupestris Ein Paradies fuer Mokos Bau eines Geheges fuer Felsenmeerschweinchen Kerodon rupestris. Rodentia. Mai-Juni; 63: 22-25 Nr 31

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A paradoxical problem in the phylogeny of Furcatergalia Ephemeroptera. Unknown

A parafilm aphid to study host cues regulating oviposition behaviour in Aphidius ervi Haliday Hymenoptera Braconidae Uso di un afide artificiale in parafilm per analizzare gli stimoli regolanti il comportamento di ovideposizione in Aphidius ervi Haliday Hymenoptera Braconidae. Atti del Congresso Nazionale Italiano di Entomologia, 192: 1533-1535

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