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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 37761

Chapter 37761 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Adaptations and permanent modifications in infusoria. Zool J Moscow, 26(6): 521-630

Adaptations and survival strategies of the desert locust in a recession and breeding habitat Strategies dadaptation et de survie du criquet pelerin dans un milieu de recession et de multiplication. Secheresse. juin; 72: 115-118

Adaptations and systematics of the mackerels and tunas. Unknown

Adaptations at varying levels of biological organization Volume 2 Abstracts of papers from the 6th All-Union Conference on Ecological Physiology. Unknown

Adaptations au Pleistocene moyen et au Pleistocene superieur dans le nord-est de la Chine. Anthropologie (Paris): 972-3: 355-398

Adaptations au milieu chez les fourmis sahariennes. Bull Soc Hist nat Toulouse, 86: 88-96

Adaptations by Coleoptera to living in arid conditions. Doklady MOIP Zoologiya I Botanika. 1984 ; 1984: 6-7

Adaptations by certain scarabaeid beetles to conditions in the high mountains of Tien-Shan. Entomologicheskie Issledovaniya V Kirgizii, 17: 44-53

Adaptations by feathered predators in various zones of anthropogenic influence. Unknown

Adaptations by phytonematodes to intra-tissue parasitization. Unknown

Adaptations comportementales des rats noirs Rattus rattus des iles ouest-mediterraneennes. Vie et Milieu, 402-3: 189-195

Adaptations cuticulaires des insectes aquatiques. Bulletin de la Societe Zoologique de France, 1074: 531-535

Adaptations defensives de lorganisme embryonnaire des Teleosteens. Archives Internationales de Physiologie Liege Paris, 23: 57-60

Adaptations des etre marins aux eaux froides deuxieme partie. Oceanis, 112: 75-142

Adaptations des etres marins aux eaux chaudes. Oceanis, 145: 539-564

Adaptations developed by hydrothermal vent organisms to face the stress of heavy metals Adaptation des organismes hydrothermaux a la contrainte metallique. Bulletin de la Societe Zoologique de France Evolution et Zoologie, 1222: 109-126

Adaptations du cycle biologique des predateurs aphidiphages aux fluctuations demographiques de leurs proies. Colloques de l'INRA: 52: 101-104

Adaptations ecologiques dune population de cistudes Emys orbicularis L Reptilia, Chelonii aux grands variations de niveau deau et a lassechement naturel du milieu aquatique frequente. Bulletin de la Societe Herpetologique de France, 11-19 No. 58

Adaptations ecophysiologiques de certains crustaces, mollusques et polychetes aux variations de salinite du milieu intertidal. Bulletin de la Societe Zoologique de France, 1133: 231-243

Adaptations ecophysiologiques des insectes arctiques et antarctiques. Bulletin de la Societe d'Ecophysiologie, 15: 7-21

Adaptations for amphibious vision in the dipper (Cinclus mexicanus). Journal of Morphology 107: 79-91

Adaptations for aquatic living by carnivores. Unknown

Adaptations for bipedial locomotion of lizards. American Zoologist, 2: 191-203

Adaptations for climbing in the genus Rattus Muridae, Rodentia. Unknown

Adaptations for echolocation in cave swiftlets Collocalia. Dissertation Abstr lnt, 3411: 5746-5747

Adaptations for food getting in Sturnidae 1 study of osteological elements. Pavo, 101-2: 8-20

Adaptations for food getting in Sturnidae 2 Myology. Pavo, 101-2: 80-105

Adaptations for freezing survival in ectothermic vertebrates. Advances in Molecular and Cell Biology, 19: 1-32

Adaptations for gliding in the lizard Draco. Iguana. June; 132: 145-149

Adaptations for locomotion in the Anhinga and the Double-crested cormorant. Orn. Mitt., Gottingen, 22: 255

Adaptations for nectar-feeding in glossophagine bats. Dissertation Abstr lnt, 32B(7): 4308-4309

Adaptations for polygynous breeding in the bobolink, Dolichonyx oryzivorus. American Zoologist, 141: 109-119

Adaptations for prey capture in oxyopid spiders phylogenetic implications. Unknown

Adaptations for reproduction among deep-sea benthic molluscs an appraisal of the existing evidence. Unknown

Adaptations for spatial competition and utilization in Silurian encrusting bryozoans. Special Papers in Palaeontology, 197-210 No. 32

Adaptations for suspensory behavior in the limbs of two-toed sloths. Unknown

Adaptations for swimming in the genus Creutzeria Astigmata Histiostomatidae. Unknown

Adaptations for the detection of fluttering insects by echolocation in horseshoe bats. NATO ASI (Advanced Science Institutes) Series Series A Life Sciences, 56: 801-827

Adaptations for undersand respiration in the Asian sand skink Ophiomorus tridactylus. J Herpet, 5: 72-74

Adaptations in Paramecium. Symp Soc gen Microbiol 3rd, 294-305

Adaptations in Tipula Lunatipula lesnei Pierre to the dry climate of Gran Canaria. Videnskabelige Meddelelser fra Dansk Naturhistorisk Forening I Kjobenhavn, 120: 207-236

Adaptations in bird and mammal behaviour to the effects of disturbance. Unknown

Adaptations in diving mammals. Sci News, 35: 74-90

Adaptations in egg bearing in some marine Bivalvia. New York Shell Club Notes, 8-12 No. 284

Adaptations in fishes. Unknown

Adaptations in frogs and toads. Pacific Discovery, 295: 18-27

Adaptations in geckos. Pacific Discovery, 251: 1-11

Adaptations in growth patterns. Ibis, 1153: 472-473

Adaptations in individual and clone mechanisms and role in evolution. Uspekhi Sovremennoi Biologii. Yanvar-Fevral; 1221: 16-25

Adaptations in man and animals to high environmental temperature. Unknown

Adaptations in marine mammals. Proceedings of the Royal Institution of Great Britain, 39: 136-142

Adaptations in movement patterns of two species of salt-marsh rodents. Bulletin Southern California Academy of Sciences, 67: 96-103

Adaptations in oxidative metabolism during the transformation of Trypanosoma rhodesiense from bloodstream into culture form. Unknown

Adaptations in plants and animals to their conditions of life are the result of the directivity of life. London J Trans Vict Inst, 44 247-274

Adaptations in reproduction and behaviour of captive pongids - zoobiological and veterinary management Anpassungsphaenomene in der Reproduktion und im Verhalten von Menschenaffen in Gehegehaltung - tiergartenbiologische und veterinaermedizinische Einflussmoeglichkeiten. DTW Deutsche Tieraerztliche Wochenschrift. Oktober; 10710: 391-401

Adaptations in social organization of tundra birds Calidrinae sandpipers. Unknown

Adaptations in the Bryozoa Adaptations chez les bryozoaires. Bulletin de la Societe Zoologique de France Evolution et Zoologie, 1222: 137-148

Adaptations in the breeding of the harbour seal, Phoca vitulina. Journal of Reproduction and Fertility. Supplement 19: 131-142

Adaptations in the hands of cercopithecoids and callitrichids. Unknown

Adaptations in the host parasite system of copepods and ostracods - larval hymenolepids. Unknown

Adaptations in the nasal passages for sand burrow-ing in the saurian genus Uma. American Naturalist, 77768: 38-52

Adaptations in the reproduction of digenetic trematodes to the snail intermediate host. Advances in Invertebrate Reproduction, 3: 279-290

Adaptations in the reproductive biology of the great crested grebe. British Birds, 6710: 413-437

Adaptations in the water economy of some anuran amphibia. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. A, Comparative Physiology 47(3): 1035-1049

Adaptations in three species of large mammals Antidorcas marsupialis, Hystrix africaeaustralis, Hyaena brunnea to arid environments. South African Journal of Zoology, 192: 82-86

Adaptations metaboliques au jeune prolonge chez loiseau. Journal de Physiologie (Paris): 792: 113-119

Adaptations metaboliques de la gerbille, Gerbillus campestris, au climat desertique Comparaison avec la souris blanche. Comptes Rendus des Seances de la Societe de Biologie et de ses Filiales, 1816: 640-644

Adaptations morphofonctionnelles de la microstructure des radioles dechinoides reguliers. Tethys, 102: 177-184

Adaptations morphologiques a la recolte du nectar chez les bourdons Incidences sur lactivite de butinage Hymenoptera, Apidae, Bombinae. Actes des Colloques Insectes Sociaux, 2: 65-77

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Adaptations morphologiques et biologiques chez un aphroditien interstitiel Pholoe swedmarki spn. Cahiers Biol Mar, 165: 671-683

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Adaptations morphologiques et comportementales a l incubation buccale chez les poissons cichlides oeufs et alevins. Annales Soc r zool Belg, 1051-2: 169-192

Adaptations of Andean and Tibetan birds a brief comparison. Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society, 713: 506-516: 1974

Adaptations of Callosobruchus species to competition. Series Entomologica (Dordrecht): 46: 351-360

Adaptations of Chrysomelidae Coleoptera from xeric regions. Unknown

Adaptations of Corystes cassivelaunus to an arenicolous mode of life. European Marine Biology Symposium, 317-324 No. 13

Adaptations of Crocodylus acutus and Alligator for life in saline water. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology A: 794: 641-646

Adaptations of Diabrotica to habitat manipulations. Unknown

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Adaptations of Protozoa to environmental factors polymorphism of species and population in heat resistance. Protozoologiya, 26-35 No. 3

Adaptations of Sphingidae to avoidance of spider and bat attacks Anpassungen bei Sphingidae zur Vermeidung von Spinnen- und Fledermausattacken. Verhandlungen Westdeutscher Entomologentag. 2000( ); 2000: 13-30

Adaptations of a free-ranging family of cotton-top tamarins Saguinus oedipus to a natural environment at Edinburgh Zoo. Royal Zoological Society of Scotland Annual Report. 1994( ); 82: 60-62

Adaptations of a species of hermit crab Decapoda, Paguridea inhabiting sessile worm tubes. Crustaceana (Leiden): 383: 306-310

Adaptations of amphibians to aridity. Unknown

Adaptations of amphibious fish for surviving life out of water. Fish and Fisheries. September; 63: 186-211

Adaptations of an emergence trap for use in tropical streams. International Review of Hydrobiology, 894: 363-374

Adaptations of animals plants to the Arctic environment Adaptations of Arctic insects. Unknown

Adaptations of animals plants to the Arctic environment Adaptations of mammals and birds. Unknown

Adaptations of animals o climatic extremes a review. Wilson Bulletin, 63: 358-362

Adaptations of aquatic insects. Edinburgh Natural History Society Journal, 16-19

Adaptations of auditory system in birds and their role in evolution. Zhurnal Obshchei Biologii 29(1): 31-47

Adaptations of bee proboscides for collecting pollen from Pontederiaceae flowers. Unknown

Adaptations of benthic filtering animals to the scarcity of suspended particles in deep water. Ambio Special Report, 73-74 No. 6

Adaptations of bioenergetic exchange in fishes influence of swimming speed and temperature on the cytochrome system of skeletal muscle. Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR: 3081: 241-246

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Adaptations of desert amphibians reptiles. Unknown

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Adaptations of fish energy metabolism to hypoxia and anoxia. Molecular Physiology, 21: 49-61

Adaptations of fishes to habitat conditions in the rivers and lakes of the subarctic West Siberia. Unknown

Adaptations of grasshoppers and locusts in Qinghai-Xizang Plateau. Unknown

Adaptations of hexactimellid sponges of deep-sea life. Trudy Instituta Okeanologii Akademii Nauk SSSR: 124: 49-54

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Adaptations of hydrothermal vent organisms to their environment. Unknown

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Adaptations of lesser kestrel Falco naumanni nesting behaviour in response to competition with jackdaws Corvus monedula Adaptation du comportement de nidification chez le faucon crecerellette Falco naumanni en reponse a la competition avec le choucas des tours Corvus monedula. Alauda, 671: 15-22

Adaptations of marine animals. Unknown

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Adaptations of marine snakes. American Scientist 66(5): 594-604

Adaptations of mollusc embryos to nutrition and respiration. Unknown

Adaptations of myrmicine ant genus Ocymyrmex for exploiting a hot arid environment. Unknown

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Adaptations of north east Asian resident birds to winter conditions. Unknown

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Adaptations of organisms to natural conditions Volume 3 Abstracts of papers from the 6th All-Union Conference on Ecological Physiology. Unknown

Adaptations of preimaginal stages of Nineta pallida Schneider to frost and heat Insecta Neuroptera Chrysopidae. Unknown

Adaptations of primary hydrobionts to life in continental waterbodies exemplified by Cladocera. Zhurnal Obshchei Biologii, 405: 698-705

Adaptations of raptors to man-made spruce forests in the uplands of Britain. Unknown

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Adaptations of the Siberian mole Asioscalops altaica to winter conditions. Unknown

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Adaptations of the central nervous system CNS of mosquitoes Diptera, Culicidae to deformations resulting from changes position of parts of their body. Unknown

Adaptations of the dragonfly retina for contrast detection and the elucidation of neural principles in the peripheral visual system. Unknown

Adaptations of the fall cankerworm Alsophila pometaria Harris Lepidoptera Geometridae to unapparency of host-leaf flush. Journal of the New York Entomological Society, 881: 70

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Adaptations of the immobilizing technique to the capture, marking and translocation of game animals in the Kruger National Park. Koedoe, 5: 137-143

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Adaptations of the red kangaroo and euro Macropodidae to aridity. Unknown

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Adaptations of the reproductive system of rodents to changing photoperiodic conditions. Unknown

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Adaptations of tissue and limb segments to facilitate moving and feeding in arboreal folivores. Unknown

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Adaptations to extreme environments. Unknown

Adaptations to extreme salinities. Unknown

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Adaptations to interstitial groundwater life. Unknown

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Adaptations to temperature and salinity stress in southern African estuaries. Unknown

Adaptations to temporal variation in habitats categorizing, predicting, and influencing their evolution in agroecosystems. Unknown

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