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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 37805

Chapter 37805 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

An Account of the Land and Fresh-water Mollusca collected during the Voyage of the Challenger. Proceedings of the Zoological Society, 258-281

An Account of the Reptiles and Batrachians collected by Dr L Loria in British New Guinea. Annali del Museo Genova, 2(xviii): 694-710

An Account of the Reptiles and Batrachians collected by Mr Lewis Biro in New Guinea. Termeszettudomanyi Fuzetek, XXI 165-178

An Account of the Reptiles and Batrachians collected by Mr W F H Rosenberg in Western Ecuador. Proceedings of the Zoological Society, 107-126

An Account of the Reptiles and Batrachians collected by Mr C Hose on Mt Dulit, Borneo. Proceedings of the Zoological Society, 505-508

An Account of the Reptiles and Batrachians obtained in Tenasserim by M L Fea, of the Genoa Civic Museum. Annali del Museo Genova, V 474-486

An Account of the Reptilia collected by Dr F P Maynard, Captain A H McMahon, and the Members of the Afghan-Baluch Boundary Commission of 1896. Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal lxv, II 550-566

An Account of the Reptilia obtained in Burma, North of Tenasserim, by M L Fea, of the Genoa Civic Museum. Annali del Museo Genova, 2(vi): 593-604

An Account of the Researches on Races of Herrings carried out by the Marine Biological Association at Plymouth. Plymouth Journal of the Marine Biological Association, 11 71-121

An Account of the Scincoid Lizards collected in Burma, for the Genoa Civic Museum, by Messrs G B Comotto L Fea. Annali del Museo Genova, 2(iv): 618-624

An Account of the Siluroid Fishes obtained by Dr H von Ihering and Herr Sebastian Wolff in the Province Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Proceedings of the Zoological Society, 231-235

An Account of tho Crustacea of Norway, iv. Copepoda Calanoida, parts iii-xii 29-142

An Account of three Series of Lepidoptera collected in North-west India, by Major Yerbury. Annals of Natural History, 6(i): 132-151 & 196-209

An Acritus J L Le Conte, new for Spain and for Europe Coleoptera, Histeridae Un Acritus J L Le Conte, nouveau pour lEspagne et pour lEurope Coleoptera, Histeridae. Nouvelle Revue d'Entomologie. Juillet-Septembre; 193: 289-290

An Actinoceras from Northwest Australia. Records of the Australian Museum, III 7-9

An Actinosphaerium from North Carolina. Journal of Protozoology, 4: 15

An Acuaria Acuaria Martinagliai sp nov from a South African Weaver Hyphantornis sp. Report Director Veterinary Services South Africa Pretoria, 16: 211-215

An Addenda to Arenoparallela and Arenoparallela mexicana Kornfeld. Contributions from the Cushman Foundation, 2(3): 97-105

An Adder at Sea. Scottish Naturalist, 100

An Addition to the A O U Checklist. Auk, XVIII 109

An Addition to the American Check-List. Copeia New York, (No. 84: 68-69

An Addition to the Lizard fauna of Tennessee. Copeia Ann Arbor, 90

An Additional Contribution to the Placentation of the Lemurs. Proceedings of the Royal Society, xliv 277-282

An Address before the San Diego Academy of Natural Sciences, on the Books relating to Geology Mineral Resource and Palaeontology of California San Diego, Cal. Trans Soc Nat Hist, 1(pt.): 9-23

An Address on certain considerations in regard to the infective nature of Cancer. British Medical Journal

An Adebars Horst. Kosmos Stuttgart, 56: 255-261

An Adelid gall on Virginia creeper Lepidoptera. Entomological News Philadelphia, 36: 116-118

An Aedes vexans gynandromorph. Mosquito News, 29: 135

An Aenigma of the London Clay. Proceedings of the Malacological Society of London, 221: 23-26

An Aeolian Pleistocene deposit at Clevedon. Geological Magazine London, 59: 365-376: 414-421

An Aeronian Middle Llandovery graptolite from the Pentamerus Beds near Hillend Farm, Shropshire, UK. Geological Journal. Apr-Jun; 372: 93-95

An African Chloropid Dipt predaceous upon spiders eggs. Annals and Magazine of Natural History Series 10: 8: 422-424

An African Dipnoid Fish Protopterus annectens. Ottawa Naturalist, XIV 184-187

An African Rhinoceros, Klipspringer, and Gazelle. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London, 958-962

An African Scymninae from Guinea Conakry Diomus guilavoguii n sp Coleoptera Coccinellidae collected on Manihot esculenta Cralntz Un Scymninae africain de Guinee Conakry Diomus guilavoguii n sp Coleoptera Coccinellidae recolte sur Manihot esculenta Cralntz. Bulletin de la Societe Linneenne de Bordeaux, 222: 121-125

An African beauty Een Afrikaanse schone. Aquarium (Hilversum). januari; 671: 3-5

An African bird makes its move around the world. Smithsonian, 182: 60-69

An African canary superspecies. Occasional Papers of the National Museum of Southern Rhodesia, 4(27B)): 16-25

An African catalogue of the genus Dignomus Wollaston Coleoptera, Ptinidae. Baltic Journal of Coleopterology, 21: 67-70

An African cichlid of dubious genus - Haplochromis thomasi. Aquarist and Pondkeeper, 466: 27-29

An African colour miracle Een Afrikaans kleurenwonder. Aquariumwereld. Juni; 606: 142-147

An African diary. Bats (Austin): 61: 13-14

An African elephant hunt. North Rhod J: 4: 561-566

An African experience. Unknown

An African finfoot Podica senegalensis at Shashe Dam. Babbler (Gaborone). December; 34: 33

An African jewel part 1 Afrikaans juweeltje deel 1. Aquariumwereld. Maart; 533: 58-62

An African lizard. Godbiter fra Samlingene, 34: 26

An African loach Cobitis maroccana Pellegrin, 1929 Eine afrikanische Schmerle Cobitis maroccana Pellegrin, 1929 . BSSW Report, 4: 9-13

An African or Asian evolutionary origin for human schistosomes? Afrique ou Asie, quelle est lorigine evolutive des schistosomes humains?. Comptes Rendus de l'Academie des Sciences Serie III Sciences de la Vie. Novembre; 32411: 1001-1010

An African pitta, Pitta angolensis longipennis, from Ethiopia. Bull Br Orn Club, 91: 9-10

An African record of the Hudsonian curlew Numenius phaeopus hudsonicus Latham. Bulletin Br Orn Club, 926: 148-149

An African recovery of a North American common tern. Bird Banding, 41: 310-311

An African ruff. BTO News, 58: 9

An African skimmer Rynchops flavirostris in Gaborone. Babbler (Gaborone). December; 34: 28

An African strain of Blepharisma japonicum Suzuki A study of the morphology, giantism and cannibalism, and macronuclear aberration. Compte Rendu des Travaux du Laboratoire de Carlsberg, 36: 1-24

An African tiger. Exotic Entomology Group Newsletter, 4: 6pp.

An African whitebacked vulture chick in its lofty nest in one of ESCOMs electricity pylons near Kimberley, South Africa. Vulture News, 24-26 No. 16

An African with hollow legs. Journal of the British Tarantula Society, 72: 8-10

An Afro-European and Euro-African human pathway through Sardinia, with notes on humanitys world wide water traversals and proboscidean comparisons. Human Evolution. July-December; 173-4: 157-173

An Afternoon among the Butterflies of Thursday Island. Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales, X 257-266

An Agrilus new to the United States Coleoptera, Buprestidae Coleopterists. IUCN Bull, 282: 73-75

An Aid to a Collector of the Coelenterata and Echinodermata. Bulletin of the Essex Institute, XXIII 1-91

An Ailurinae Mammalia, Carnivora, Ailuridae in the middle Miocene of Four Isere, France Un Ailurinae Mammalia, Carnivora, Ailuridae dans le Miocene moyen de Four Isere, France. Geodiversitas, 231: 81-85

An Aino field-mouse, Apodemus ainu at Shiretoko Penin, Hokkaido. Journal of the Mammalogical Society of Japan, 3: 2, 17

An Alaskan mosquito. Canadian Entomologist, 38 326-328

An Albiniatio specimen of Psevdacris feriarum. Copeia Ann Arbor, (No. 4: 257-8

An Albino Hake Merluccius merluccius. Journal of the Marine Biological Association, 2(vi): 275 & 276

An Albino Hoopoe Upupa indica. Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society, 20 853

An Albino Pilot Black Snake from North Carolina. Copeia Ann Arbor, (No. 2: 102

An Albino Salamander, Spelerpes bilineatus. Washington DC Smithsonian Institution U S National Museum Proceedings, 49 377-379

An Aleutian Canada goose success story. Birding. June; 313: 271-274

An Aleyrodes on Euphorbia, and its parasite. Entomological News Philadelphia, 22 462-464

An Alga, forming a Pseudomorph of a Siliceous Sponge Dactylochalina australis, n sp. Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales, X 726-728

An Algerian Julid in America. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington, 36: 191-192

An Algonkian Jellyfish From The Grand Canyon Of The Colorado. Science 88(2278): 186-187

An Alona and a Pleuroxus new to Britain A Weltneri Keilhack, and P denticulatus Birge. London Journal of the Quekett Microscopical Club (Ser 2: 10 71-76

An Altonian, deep-water, fossil fauna from the eastern Waitakere Ranges, Auckland. Tane, 25: 209-217

An Amazon society. Brookfleld Bandarlog, 34: 6-9

An Ambulyx larva found on Rhus javanica, supposedly of A ochracea Butler Sphingidae. Japan Heterocerists' Journal, 88 No. 131

An Ambystoma eats a snake. Herpetologica San Diego, 45: 164

An Ameba in suppurative and hyperplastio osteoperios-titis of inferior maxilla. Journal of the American Medical Association, 65 2077

An Amebelodon from Malheur County, Oregon. Journal of Paleontology Menasha, 18: 271-274

An Amebelodon jaw from the Texas Panhandle. University of Texas Bulletin, 4401: 477-482

An American Anadenus. Naut, IV 2

An American Bittern with a deformed bill. Wilson Bulletin, 66

An American Cerapachys, with remarks on the affinities of the Cerapachyinae. Biol Bull, III 181-191

An American Chameleon sheds its skin. Natural History New York, 561: 38-39

An American Cyprinodont fish, Jordanella floridae, reported from Borneo, with notes on the possible widespread introduction of foreign aquarium fishes. Copeia Ann Arbor, 267-268

An American Flounder, Linanda beanii, referred to the genus Poecilopsetta. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington, 32 163-164

An American Species of Templetonia. Entomological News, III 57

An American Spirulirostra. American Journal of Science, 3: 327-334

An American Terrestrial Leech. Bulletin of the Illinois State Laboratory of Natural History, III 118-122

An American Tettigometrid Homoptera. Annals of the Entomological Society of America, 17: 219-222

An American White-fronted Goose and Wilsons Phalarope in Essex county, Massachusatts. Auk Cambridge N Ser, 25 80-81

An American apple snail Pomacea living in the Prater in Vienna Eine Amerikanische Apfelschnecke Pomacea lebend im Prater in Wien. Nachrichtenblatt der Ersten Vorarlberger Malakologischen Gesellschaft. 20 Dez; 8: 66

An American bald-faced hornet Dolichovespula maculata; Hymenoptera Vespidae captured live in the Dunedin town belt. New Zealand Entomologist, 8: 44-46

An American bestiary. Unknown

An American black duck in Durban. Ostrich, 471: 67-68

An American black tern Chlidonias niger surinamensis at Weston STW - the first British record. Avon Bird Report, 151-155

An American catfish population Ictalurus nebulosus Le Sueur, 1890 Teleostei Ameiuridae in Haustenbach Paderborn District/East Westphalia Reports on the project Fishes of Senne Ein Bestand des Zwergwelses Ictalurus nebulosus Le Sueur, 1890 Teleostei Ameiuridae im Haustenbach Kreis Paderborn/Ostwestfalen Mitteilungen aus dem Projekt Fische der Senne. Bericht des Naturwissenschaftlichen Vereins fuer Bielefeld und Umgegend E V: 37: 229-236

An American edition of Andubens Ornithological Biography. Auk Cambridge Mass, 35 360-362

An American enemy of the English oyster farmer. Ann Rep and Trans Plymouth Inst and Devon and Cornwall Nat Hist Soc Plymouth, 15 247-361

An American fresh-water snail from the River Murray at Blanchetown. South Australian Naturalist, 151: 8

An American freshwater leech Helobdella punctatolineata Moore, 1939 in Egypt Hirudinea Glossiphoniidae. Limnologica. April; 231: 81-84

An American golden plover Pluvialis dominica at Comerong Island, New South Wales. Australian Birds. September; 241: 1-3

An American goldfinch population study on a July day 1999. North American Bird Bander. July-Sept; 253: 81-86

An American host record for the Russian sturgeon nematode, Cystoopsis acipenseri Wagner, 1868. Journal of Parasitology Lancaster, 366 2): 29

An American kestrel captures a white-throated swift in flight. Journal of Raptor Research. December; 294: 284

An American kestrel killed by organochlorine pesticides in Dutchess County, New York. Kingbird, 312: 79-81

An American leech, Helobdella punctatolineata, in Israel. Zoology in the Middle East, 1: 153-154

An American monster. Zoonooz, 461: 18

An American oystercatcher in Idaho. Western Birds, 184: 215-216

An American primatologist abroad in Brazil. Unknown

An American race of the red crossbill Loxia curvirostra sitkensis as a casual visitor to the Kamchatka. Ornitologiya, 198 No. 14

An American species of Sabacon. American Naturalist, XXVII 574-576

An American species of the genus Coeculus. Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington, IV 221-222

An American species of the ichneumonid genus Heterocola Forster. Entomological News Philadelphia, 27 330-331

An American swallow-tailed kite in Boone County, Kentucky. Kentucky Warbler. February; 741: 24-25

An American text-book of physiology Edited by W H Howell. Unknown

An American woodcock on the River City Mall. Kentucky Warbler, 542: 34-35

An American zebra - Equus Dolichohippus shoshonensis Gidley. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, 73: 11A

An Americans impressions of English bird life. Scribner's Magazine New York NY: 39 705-720

An Americans views of Bird Migration. British Birds London, 3 12-19

An Ammonite from the Kaisekiyama, Tosa. Journal of the Geological Society of Tokyo, VIII 233-235

An Amphibian conservation project in the province of Turin Il progetto di salvaguardia anfibi della provincia di Torino. Rivista di Idrobiologia. 2001 Gennaio-Aprile; 401: 111-116

An Amphibian from the Eocene. American Journal of Science, 47 217-219

An Amphioxus from Japan. Zoologischer Anzeiger, XVIII 57-60

An Amphipod, Corophium insidiosum G I Crawford new to Sweden. Kungliga Fysiografiska Sallskapets I Lund Forhandlingar, 8: 191-193

An Amphipoda community in the Mar Piccolo Lagoon Gulf of Taranto, Ionian Sea. Acta Adriatica, 412: 17-23

An Amur falcon in France, North Yorkshire and Dumfries Galloway - a belated first for the Western Palearctic?. Birding World. July; 187: 289

An Amynodont skull from Sespe deposits, California. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 19: 762-767

An Analysis of Moa Eggshell. Transactions of the New Zealand Institute, XIII 225

An Analysis of the Cranial Ganglia of an Embryo Salamander, Ambystoma jeffersonianum Green. Ohio Journal of Science, 24: 230-256

An Analysis of the Species of Caddis-Flies Phryganea described by Linnaeus in his Fauna Suecica. Journal of the Linnean Society, XIV 726-733

An Analytical Index to the Works of the late John Gould, FRS, with a biographical memoir and portrait. Unknown

An Anax imperator Leach, 1815 attacks Cordulegaster boltonii Donovan, 1807 Observation dune attaque dAnax imperator Leach, 1815 sur Cordulegaster boltonii Donovan, 1807. Martinia. Decembre; 184: 146

An Anchitherium from the Vallesian of Soblay Ain, France. Memoires Bur Rech geol minier, 781: 247-252: 1974

An Ancient Moonfish. Scientific Monthly, 1920: 470-473

An Ancient Murrelet at San Pedro, California. Condor Hollywood, 11 64-65

An Ancient Murrelet goes inland, p 301 A fatal meal for a young robin, p 303. Condor, 53

An Ancient Murrelet in northeastern Nevada. Condor, 58: 163

An Ancient Reef-building Coral. Australian Museum Magazine, 123: 96-98

An Anglesey record of the medicinal leech Hirudo medicinalis L. Transactions Anglesey Antiq Soc Field Club, 54

An Angolan rarity. Animals, 12: 500-503,2 pis

An Anisian coral fauna in Guizhou, south China. Palaeontographica Americana, 187-190 No. 54

An Anna Hummingbird caught in a spider web. Condor, 53: 49

An Annas hummingbird in Minnesota. Loon, 634: 225-231

An Annotated Bibliography of North American Upper Cretaceous Corals, 1785-1950. Fondren Science Series Dallas, 23: 1-45

An Annotated Catalogue of the Amphibians and Reptiles of Bexar County, Texas. Bull Sci Soc San Antonio, 4: 1-31

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An Annotated Catalogue of the Fishes of Maine. Proceedings of the Portland Society of Natural History, 3(pt. 1: 1-198

An Annotated Catalogue of the Mammals collected by Dr W L Abbott in the Kilima-njaro Begion, East Africa. Proceedings of the United States National Museum, XV 445-480

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An Annotated List of Birds breeding in the district of Columbia. Auk, 18-25

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An Annotated List of Reptiles and Amphibians of Carbon County, Utah. Proceedings of the Utah Academy of Sciences, 15: 99-102

An Annotated List of the Amphibia and Reptilia of Jamaica. Handbook of Jamaica for 1922:

An Annotated List of the Batrachians and Reptiles collected by the British Ornithologists Union Expedition and the Wollaston Expedition in Dutch New Guinea. Transactions of the Zoological Society London, 20 247-270

An Annotated List of the Shells of St Augustine, Flor. Naut, III 103 & 114

An Annotated list of the Mexican amphibians and reptiles in the Carnegie Museum. Annals of the Carnegie Museum, 27: 311-320

An Annual Meeting of Professional Research Scientists Experimental Biology 95 Atlanta, Georgia April 9-13, 1995 Abstracts 3622-6187 Tutorials T1-T30 Part 2. FASEB (Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology) Journal. March 10; 94: i-vi, A625-A1237

An Annual Meeting of Professional Research Scientists Experimental Biology 96 Washington, DC April 14-17, 1996 Abstracts 1-4768 Tutorials T1-T20. FASEB (Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology) Journal. March 8; 103: i-viii, A1-A957

An Annual Meeting of Professional Scientific Research Scientists Experimental Biology 94, Anaheim, California, April 24-28, 1994 ABSTRACTS 3392-5937 Tutorials T1-T28 Microcirculatory M1-M191 Part 2. FASEB (Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology) Journal. March 18; 85: i-v, A586-A1220

An Anolis skin melanophore assay suitable for photoaffinity labeling studies with -MSH. Experientia (Basel): 415: 654-656

An Anomalous Chalcid. Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington, I 234-236

An Anopheles mosquito which does not transmit malaria. Johns Hopkins Hospital Bulletin, 15 53-50.)

An Anophelesquadrimaculatus larva with three inner clypeal hairs. Mosquito News Albany NY: 13: 144

An Antarctic fast-ice food chain observations on the interaction of the amphipod Pontogeneia antarctica Chevreux with ice-associated micro-algae. British Antarctic Survey Bulletin, 107-115 No. 47

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An Antarctic prion Pachyptila desolata of unknown origin. Scopus, 152: 120

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An Apate myid from the early Eocene of New Mexico. American Museum Novitates, 1654: 1-4

An Apatognathus assemblage from the Carboniferous of Britain. Geological Society of America Special Paper, 121: 673

An Ape or the Ape. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, 81: 57-68

An Aphid feeding on coccinellid eggs. Entomological News Philadelphia, 19 132-133

An Apistogramma enthusiast gives an account of his experiences with Apistogramma bitaeniata. Aquarium (Hilversum): 6212: 260-263

An Aplodont Rodent from the Tertiary of Nevada. Berkeley University of California Publ Bull Dept Geol, 5 397-403

An Apodous Amia calva. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London, 89-90

An Appalachian species of Rhysodesmus Polydesmida Xystodesmidae Rhysodesmini. Myriapodologica. 1 March; 57: 77-83

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An April day list of Calaveras valley birds. Condor Hollywood, 13 73-74

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An April note from Devon. Bulletin of the Amateur Entomologists' Society, 43344: 139-140

An Aquatic Warbler killed at the Eddystone Lighthouse. British Birds, 2 28

An Arabian Gulf voyage on board the MS Caledonian Star 30 November-17 December 1995. Sea Swallow, 48: 46-49

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An Arctic Province. Unknown

An Arctic Province, Alaska and the Seal Islands. Unknown

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An Arizona nest census. Condor, 10 44-45

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An Arizona valley bottom. Auk Lancaster Pa, 41: 423-432

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An Artemia salina factor which counteracts the mRNA-induced inhibition of initiator Met-tRNA binding to initiation factor eIF-2. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 89(2): 585-590

An Artemia salina factor which stimulates the activity of highly purified initiation factor eIF-2 from A. salina and reticulocytes. Febs Letters 86(2): 155-159

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An Asian darkling beetle, Ceropria induta Wiedemann, established in Florida Coleoptera Tenebrionidae. Insecta Mundi. March-June; 191-2: 125-127

An Asian gull-billed tern iu Western Australia. Western Australian Naturalist, 141: 26-27

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An Asiatic sub-species of Leptidea reali Reissinger L reali yakovlevi subsp nov Lepidoptera, Pieridae, Dismorphiinae Une sous-espece asiatique de Leptidea reali Reissinger L reali yakovlevi ssp nova Lepidoptera, Pieridae, Dismorphiinae. Linneana Belgica. June; 182: 103-104

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An Atlantic Song Sparrow from Georgia. Auk, 52: 315

An Atlantic flyingfish from Montauk, New York. New York Fish and Game Journal, 331: 64

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An Attempt to Classify Earthworms. Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Science, XXXI 201-315

An Attempt to Classify the British Lepidoptera, so as to form a connection with the Trichoptera at one end and the Hymenoptera at the other. Naturalist, VIII 87-89

An Attempt to Diagnose the Subclass Coraciiformes, and the Orders, Suborders, and Families comprised therein. Ibis, 200-205

An Attempt to Diagnose the Suborders of the Great Gallino-Gralline Group of Birds by the aid of Osteological Characters alone. Ibis, 415-435

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An Aurelian, or, natural history of English insects, namely moths and butterflies together with the plants on which they feed. Unknown

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