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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 37820

Chapter 37820 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

An examination of the predatory behaviour of captive American kestrels. Transactions of the Kentucky Academy of Science, 463-4: 138-142

An examination of the problems of physiological polarity and of electrical polarity in the earthworm. Journal of Experimental Zoology Baltimore, 1 331-347

An examination of the reliability of the Danish point count method. Unknown

An examination of the reptile fauna of Wyperfeld National Park using pitfall trapping. Victorian Naturalist (Blackburn): 963: 98-101

An examination of the ribomzeleic acids in the Hela cell with special reference to current theory about the transfer of information from nucleus to cytoplasm. Proceedings of the Royal Society, 157B967: 177-198

An examination of the social structure of a resident group of bottle-nosed dolphins Tursiops truncatus in the Moray Firth, NE Scotland. European Research on Cetaceans. December; 7: 54-56

An examination of the sub-species of reed warbler Acrocephalus scirpaceus breeding in Cyprus. Bird Rep Cyprus orn Soc, 1971: 109-110

An examination of the trout population of five lakes near Rotorua, New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research, 22: 333-362

An examination of the use of scales and fin rays for age determination of brown trout Salmo trutta L. New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research, 3: 147-151

An examination of the uterus and ovaries of some female roe deer Capreolus capreolus L from Wiltshire and Dorset, England. Journal of Zoology London, 148: 570-574

An examination of the value of ecological research in the control of bilharziasis with special reference to the intermediate hosts in southern Africa. Cent. Afr. J. Med.: 16(7 Suppl.)): 14-18

An examination of the vertical rings of the Atlantic sharpnose shark, Rhizoprionodon terraenovae. Northeast Gulf Science, 61: 63-66

An examination of the yield per recruit basis for a minimum size regulation for Atlantic yellowfin tuna, Thunnus albacares Fishery. Bull US natn ocean atmos Admn, 721: 37-61

An examination on the food habits of the forestry birds in Korea. Unknown

An examination on the individual variations among 1,000 Teals. Tori Tokyo, 9: 273-299

An example for melanism found in Amata fortunei Orza Ctenuchidae. Japan Heterocerists' Journal, 357 No. 122

An example in the study of chaffinch migration Un esempio di studio del flusso migratorio del fringuello. Unknown

An example of Pagets pochard from India. Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society, 692: 415-417

An example of apparent dominance - submission behaviour between adult male howler monkeys Alouatta palliata. Primates, 242: 283-287

An example of Anagoga pulveraria japonica Butler Geometridae bearing orchid pollinia. Japan Heterocerists' Journal, 115: 229-230

An example of Cyanopica cyana Aves Corvidae eating by Elaphe climacophora Squamata Colubridae. Bulletin of the Herpetological Society of Japan, 1: 7-8

An example of Diomedea immutabilis secured in the inland of Hokkaido. Tori Tokyo, 9: 81-83

An example of Epitonium clathrus complete with operculum at De Panne on 24101992. Strandvlo. september; 132-3: 89-90

An example of Glareola maldivarum rarely obtained in Honshu, Japan. Tori Tokyo, 7: 61-71

An example of Oliva from Amsterdam territory. Kreukel (Amsterdam): 241-2: 2

An example of Parus varius x P atricapillus and a pale phase of Emberiza spodocephala. Miscellaneous Reports of the Yamashina Institute of Ornithology and Zoology, 5: 676-678

An example of Peridroma saucia Hubner Noctuidae taken in the city area of Tokyo. Japan Heterocerists' Journal, 382 No. 124

An example of Pterynotus zealandicus Hutton living in Cook Strait. Records of the Dominion Museum Wellington, 5: 1-2

An example of Temmincks crowned Willow-warbler Phylloscopus occipitalis coronatus T + S found at Mt Senjo 3032m, southern Alps in Japan. Tori, 18: 292

An example of Triodon macropterus Lesson with dilated belly. Uo, 1-3 No. 36

An example of a habitat for species specific differentiation in the northern ridges of Khao Yai, Thailand considering a phasmid species Phasmatodea Ein Beispiel fur die artspezifische Differenzierung eines Habitats in den nordlichen Auslaufern des Khao Yai, Thailand, anhand einiger Phasmiden Phasmatodea. Entomologische Zeitschrift. 18 Februar; 1092: 78-81

An example of a reintroduction Un exemple de reintroduction. Unknown

An example of a specialized mosquito life cycle Wyeomyia smithii. Proceedings of the New Jersey Mosquito Control Association Inc, 84: 39-41

An example of adaptation in nature. Het Zee-Aquarium, 305: 30

An example of application of the theory of probability in biological studies to make up for the deficient data. Trudy molod. Uchen.: (3): 158-165

An example of applied genetics in the Dysauxes punctata Fabricius, 1781 group Lepidoptera, Arctiidae, Syntominae Un exercice de genetique appliquee dans le groupe de Dysauxes punctata Fabricius, 1781 Lepidoptera, Arctiidae, Syntominae. Revue de l'Association Roussillonnaise d'Entomologie, 111: 18-29

An example of aptosochromatism, as influenced by diet, in Megascops asio. Auk, XVI 313-318

An example of atavism the occurrence of tubercles in the genus Somalinautilus Nautiloidea, Middle Jurassic of Burgundy Un exemple datavisme la presence de tubercules dans le genre Somalinautilus Nautiloidea, Jurassique moyen de Bourgogne. Comptes Rendus de l'Academie des Sciences Serie II A Sciences de la Terre et des Planetes. 17 Novembre; 31910: 1239-1245

An example of auto-mobility and host substrate relationship in Cycloseris escosurae Mallada, 1887, scleractinian coral from Lower Aptian of Spain. Bollettino della Societa Paleontologica Italiana Special Volume, 3: 191-203

An example of biological reasons for extinction Tanystropheus Reptilia, Squamata. Memoires de la Societe Geologique de France, 37-44 No. 150

An example of chromosomal polymorphism in the planarian Dugesia benazzii Tricladida Paludicola. Atti della Societa Toscana di Scienze Naturali Residente in Pisa Memorie Serie B. 1984 ; 91: 157-160

An example of collaborative research at the Naples Aquarium feeding mechanisms of the scyphomedusa Phyllorhiza punctata Lenderfeld, 1884. Bulletin de l'Institut Oceanographique Numero Special (Monaco): 201: 255-260

An example of community egglaying in Oedura tryoni De Vis. Herpetofauna (Sydney): 112: 28-29

An example of cooperative hunting by Saker falcons in Hungary. Journal of Raptor Research. September; 383: 292

An example of crow intelligence. Ontario Birds. August; 172: 94-95

An example of diel feeding cycle of two percids, perch Perca fluviatilis and ruffe Gymnocephalus cernuus in eutrophic Lake Aydat France. Annales des Sciences Naturelles Zoologie et Biologie Animale. 1991 ; 123: 99-105

An example of ecological civility in Saone-et-Loire as regards Saperda octopunctata Col Cerambycidae and some associated Colydiidae Un exemple de civisme ecologique en Saone-et-Loire a propos de Saperda octopunctata Col Cerambycidae et quelques Colydiidae associes. Coleopteriste. mars; 81: 67-70

An example of edge effect on ants in the Western Australia wheatbelt. Western Australian Naturalist, 168: 184-185

An example of embryonic diapause in a clutch of Kinosternon baurii Garman, 1891 Een geval van embryonale diapauze in een legsel van de gestreepte Modderschildpad, Kinosternon baurii Garman, 1891. Lacerta. augustus-september; 576: 199-202

An example of epidermis cells from inside the shell preserved in a Tertiary Ostracoda Beispiele fuer eine Konservierung des Epidermis-Zellmusters tertiaerer Ostracoden auf der Innenseite ihrer Schalen. Muenstersche Forschungen zur Geologie und Palaeontologie. Juni; 86: 147-151

An example of evolutionary parallelism? The Euryotomys-Otomys case in tropical Africa Mammalia, Rodentia. Comptes Rendus de l'Academie des Sciences Serie II Mecanique-Physique-Chimie Sciences de l'Univers Sciences de la Terre, 30517: 1389-1395

An example of facultative polygyny in Middendorffs grasshopper warbler Locustella ochotensis. Ecological Research, 31: 57-60

An example of fission of a natural troop of Japanese monkey at Gagyusan. Primates, 32: 149-179

An example of genotypic variation within a line carrying pseudotumors in D melanogaster tu C4. Rendiconti Ist Lomb Sci Lett (B): 109: 74-78

An example of habitat of Dynoidella conchicola Nishimura, 1976 Isopoda. Nanki Seibutu, 261: 65

An example of hernia in Hyla aurea, and its interpretation. Transactions of the Royal Society of New Zealand, 79: 579-582

An example of homoeosis in Anthocharis cardamines L. Kontyu, 482: 307-308

An example of homoeosis of Favonius cognatus. Tyo to Ga, 271: 3

An example of homoeosis of Papilio hoppo Lepidoptera Papilionidae. Tyo to Ga, 283: 123

An example of inspecific mating in toads. Copeia, 78

An example of marine-continental correlation in the Priabonian of Romania Comments on the Grande Coupure event Un exemple de correlation marin-continental dans le Priabonien de Roumanie Remarques sur la Grande Coupure. Comptes Rendus de l'Academie des Sciences Serie II A Sciences de la Terre et des Planetes. 30 Octobre; 3338: 441-446

An example of measurement of pads of Ursus thibetanus japonicus Schlegel. Journal of the Mammalogical Society of Japan, 1(5): 99-102

An example of melanism in Wilsons storm-petrel. Sea Swallow, 37: 63

An example of melanistic plumage in the Tawny Frogmouth Podargus strigoides. Corella. March; 291: 22

An example of modelling the outbreaks of mass reproduction of insects-xylophages. Problemy Ekologicheskogo Monitoringa I Modelirovaniya Ekosistem, 13: 241-251

An example of morphological abnormality of Protoribates monodactylus. Atypus, 48-51 No. 82

An example of multi-field knowledge-sharing on the European level the BARBUS roundtable in Montpellier France, July 1989. Archiv fuer Hydrobiologie, 1173: 383

An example of natural winter mortality in Scottish red deer. Deer, 310: 549-552

An example of oplophagia Part 2. Conchiglia, 18: 27 Nos 204-205

An example of oviposition site in the dead-leaf feeding herminiine Noctuidae. Japan Heterocerists' Journal. 30 August; 239: 255

An example of parallelism in the evolution of Turbellaria the sphincters in the intestine found in the Macrostomida. CR Acad Sci Moscow, 104: 789-791

An example of parasitism among polychaetes. Nature London. 1952; 169: 197

An example of partial albinism in the Japanese long-fingered bat, Miniopterus schreibersi fulginosus. Journal of the Mammalogical Society of Japan, 96: 302-307

An example of polyandry in Ptychochromoides sp Mangarahara River. Cichlidae. September; 275: 11-13

An example of pond fish culture and multiplication in river of Ayu. Contributions Central Fisheries Station of Japan, 103: 103-108

An example of possible weather influence on marine ecosystem processes. Proceedings of the Alaska Science Conference. 1978 ; 29: 697-707

An example of prelacteal incisors in advanced pouch young of Macropus. Journal of Mammalogy 28(4): 399-399

An example of protective resemblance in a satyrid chrysalis. Entomological News Philadelphia, 23 471-472

An example of rare mutant of female Swinhoes kaleege Lophura swinhoii. Bull biogeogr Soc Japan, 25: 33-35

An example of redwing diet in a Mediterranean wintering area. Bird Study, 322: 152-153

An example of research for the service of populations management the monitoring of the plan for management of the moose, 1994-1998 Un exemple de recherche au service de la gestion des populations le suivi du plan de gestion de lorignal, 1994-1998. Naturaliste Canadien (Quebec). Ete; 1272: 54-66

An example of siblicide in the Japanese goshawk Accipiter gentilis. Strix, 9: 230-231

An example of soft bottom molluscs communities as biomonitors of megazoobenthos diversity and ambiental quality Empleo de las comunidades de moluscos marinos de fondos blandos como bioindicadores de la diversidad del megazoobentos y de la calidad ambiental. Iberus. diciembre; 142: 79-84

An example of speciation related to eustasy the early appearance of the tethyan planktic foraminifer Schackoina cabri Un exemple de speciation lie a leustatisme lapparition precoce de Schackoina cabri foraminifere planctonique mesogeen. Comptes Rendus de l'Academie des Sciences Serie II A Sciences de la Terre et des Planetes. Aout; 3253: 225-230

An example of symbiotic relationship between microbes and animal the ruminant stomach Un exemple dinteraction microorganismes - animal hote le rumen des herbivores. Bulletin de la Societe d'Ecophysiologie. Mai; 201-2: 5-12

An example of taphonomic loss in a Mesolithic faunal assemblage. BAR International Series, 163: 243-247

An example of the American Night-Hawk Chordeiles virginianus obtained in Scilly. Bulletin of the British Ornithologists' Club, 48: 41

An example of the Indian Ocean race of roseate tern at Port Alfred. Bee-Eater and BirdLife Eastern Cape News. February; 541: 12-13

An example of the device for keeping animals under artificial tidal regimen. Benthos Research, 28: 63-66

An example of the distribution pattern of aquatic insect larvae in a temporally dried-out stream. Japanese Journal of Limnology, 421: 40-45

An example of the doubling of an abdominal segment in the silkworm. Proceedings of the Imperial Academy Tokyo, 5: 176-178

An example of the effect of underharvesting on a deer population. New York Fish and Game Journal, 302: 231-232

An example of the multiple coupling of mendelian factors. Dublin Scientific Proceedings of the Royal Society, 14 369-373

An example of the truncated Poisson distribution. Biometrics Washington, ? 11: 387-394

An example of the use of palaeontological patrimony as a didactic resource the site of Megaplanolites ibericus in Buena Teruel Un ejemplo de utilizacion de patrimonio paleontologico como recurso didactico el yacimiento de Megaplanolites ibericus de Buena Teruel. Unknown

An example of trophic specialization within the Lepidoptera the Cameroonian Cymothoe feeding on Rinorea Violaceae Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae Un exemple de specialisation trophique chez les lepidopteres les Cymothoe camerounaises infeodees aux Rinorea Viloacees Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae. Bulletin de la Societe Entomologique de France. Decembre; 1015: 449-466

An example of underdeveloped colouration in Luchdorfia japonica Leech Lepidoptera Papilionidae,. Tyo to Ga, 281: 34

An example of uneven distribution of right and left valves of the common sand gaper, Mya arenaria L, along the Dutch coast. Of Sea and Shore. Fall; 203: 167-168

An example of xanthchroism in Paralichthys olivaceus Temminck and Schlegel Bothidae, Pleuronectiformes Uo Jap. Soc Ichthyol, 12: 2

An example on partial albinism of the Amur green heron. Tori, 2395-96: 28

An example on the planktic foraminifer zonation of the eastern Mediterranean Province Tertiary sequence of Mut Basin. Turkiye Jeoloji Bulteni, 341: 27-35

An example program for retrieving documents for extracts fishery science, ASFA. Bulletin of the Faculty of Fisheries Nagasaki University, 23-44 No. 64

An excavated burrow of Scalopus aquaticus from Florida, with comments on Nearctic talpid/geomyid burrow structure. Saugetierkundliche Mitteilungen. 1983 ; 312-3: 243-249

An excavation in the Chirotheriensanstein Middle Buntsandstein of Hildburghausen Grabung im Thuringer Chirotheriensandstein Mittlerer Buntsandstein von Hildburghausen. Veroeffentlichungen Naturhistorisches Museum Schloss Bertholdsburg Schleusingen, 14: 53-54

An excavation of a Middle Stone Age deposit in Grassridge Rockshelter, Sterkstroom district, Cape Province. Fort Hare Papers, 9: 51-62

An excavation of a badger sett in Southend. Essex Naturalist, 32: 70-72

An excavation of fossils in a Rotliegend fresh water lake of the Saar-Nahe-Basin SW Germany Eine Fossiliengrabung in einem Rotliegend-Susswassersee des Saar-Nahe-Beckens SW-Deutschland. Mitteilungen der Pollichia. 1996( ); 83: 7-35

An excellent breeding season atShibdon Pond. Durham Wildlife, 432: 14

An excellent specimen of Godfreyna torri. Australian Shell News, 2 No. 34

An excentric in a window frame Breeding record of Iphiclides podalirius L En excentriker i vindueskarmen Klaekning af Iphiclides podalirius L. Lepidoptera (Copenhagen): 79: 309-312

An exceptional fall migration of shorebirds along the Big Bend reach of the Platte River. Nebraska Bird Review, 524: 70-71

An exceptional Lower Miocene Aquitanian site La Carriere Vives Meilhan, Landes, France Assessment of the palaeontological excavations of July-August 1991 Un site exceptionnel du Miocene inferieur Aquitanien La Carriere Vives Meilhan, Landes, France Bilan de la campagne de fouilles de juillet-aout 1991. Cossmanniana. Decembre; 81-4: 47-67

An exceptional Sparnacian locality with plants, arthropods and vertebrates earliest Eocene, MP7 Le Quesnoy Oise, France Un gisement sparnacien exceptionnel a plantes, arthropodes et vertebres Eocene basal, MP7 Le Quesnoy Oise, France. Comptes Rendus de l'Academie des Sciences Serie II A Sciences de la Terre et des Planetes. 15 Juillet; 3291: 65-72

An exceptional Upper Jurassic site at Crayssac Lot Un site exceptionnel du Jurassique superieur a Crayssac Lot. Mineraux and Fossiles. Decembre; 268: 26-33

An exceptional addition for the Lake Tanganyika aquarium Tropheus transparens Nevoir Nitgseen, 2001 Eine aussergewoehnliche Neuheit fuer das Tanganjikasee-Aquarium Tropheus transparens Nevoir Nitgseen, 2001. DCG-Informationen. April; 334: 93-96

An exceptional amino acid replacement on the distal side of the iron atom in proboscidean myoglobin. Journal of Molecular Evolution 17(3): 140-147

An exceptional autogamous clone in variety 4 of Paramecium aurelia and its interpretation. Journal of Protozoology (Suppl): 3: 8

An exceptional autumn arrival of amur falcons Falco amurensis in Tsavo West National Park. Scopus. July; 23: 45-47

An exceptional biostratigraphic profile of the Ordovician of Asturias El Fabar tunnel, Cantabrian highway preliminary results Un perfil bioestratigrafico excepcional en el Ordovicico de Asturias tunel de El Fabar, Autovia del Cantabrico resultados preliminares. Publicaciones del Seminario de Paleontologia de Zaragoza, 52: 521-528

An exceptional bloom of Alexandrium catenella in the Beagle Channel, Argentina. Unknown

An exceptional brent goose movement. Norfolk and Norwich Naturalists Society Transactions, 264: 208-209

An exceptional case of teratology, to Dendarus punctatus Serville 1825 of Ukraine Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae, Dendarini Un cas exceptionnel de teratologie, chez un Dendarus punctatus Serville 1825 dUkraine Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae, Dendarini . Nouvelle Revue d'Entomologie. Octobre-Decembre; 184: 342

An exceptional case of the nesting of the fieldfare. Eesti Loodus, 2112: 822

An exceptional dragonfly community in the polder of Kruibeke, Bazel and Rupelmonde East-Flanders, Belgium Eeen bijzondere libellenpopulatie in de polder van Kruibeke, Bazel en Rupelmonde Oost-Vlaanderen. Gomphus. 2003 decembre; 191: 13-29

An exceptional eco-marker Ammobaculites foraminiferid Lituolidae in quasi-monogeneric populations Un ecomarqueur exceptionnel Ammobaculites foraminiferes Lituolidae en peuplements quasi-monogeneriques. Bulletin d'Information des Geologues du Bassin de Paris. Juin; 352: 3-12

An exceptional endogenous beetle Crowsoniella relicta n gen n sp of Archostemata, Tetraphaleridae from Central ltaly 16 Contribution to knowledge of endogenous beetles. Bollettino Mus Civ Stor nat Verona, 2: 445-458

An exceptional evening in east Perthshire. Entomologist's Gazette, 382: 114

An exceptional fox movement. Journal of Mammalogy, 46: 102

An exceptional immigration of Lepidoptera on Lundy, June 1996. Lundy Field Society Annual Report. 1996( ); 47: 129-131

An exceptional inadunate crinoid crown from the morrowan Lower Pennsylvanian of Oklahoma. Oklahoma Geology Notes, 425: 200-203

An exceptional pattern of mutation spectrum observed in the offspring of mitomycin C treated females of a strain rb of the silkworm. National Institute of Genetics Japan Annual Report. 1977 ; 28: 70

An exceptional reproductive strategy in Anura Nectophrynoides occidentalis Angel Bufonidae, an example of adaptation to terrestrial life by viviparity. NATO ASI (Advanced Science Institutes) Series Series A Life Sciences, 14: 545-552

An exceptional roost of cattle egrets in Kampala. EANHS Bulletin. December; 302: 11

An exceptional ruby-throated hummingbird migration. Cassinia, 53: 45

An exceptional site in Bassee Jaillac Un site exceptionnel en Bassee le lieu-dit de Jaillac. Bulletin de l'Association des Naturalistes de la Vallee du Loing et du Massif de Fontainebleau, 753: 50-66

An exceptional spawning in Euproctus a asper. British Herpetological Society Bulletin, 40 No. 13

An exceptional specimen of Bursa Tutufa bardeyi Jousseaume, 1894. Conchiglia, 19: 21 Nos 214-215

An exceptional specimen of Cypraea grayana, Schilder 1930. Conchiglia. January-March; 31290: 47-48

An exceptional swarm of Bledius furcatus Olivier in Sardinia Coleoptera, Staphylinidae Una eccezionale pullulazione di Bledius furcatus Olivier in Sardegna Coleoptera, Staphylinidae 162o contributo all conoscenza degli Staphylinidae. Onychium, 3: 14-16

An exceptional theropod vertebra from the Wessex Formation Lower Cretaceous Isle of Wight, England. Proceedings of the Isle of Wight Natural History and Archaeological Society, 20: 61-76

An exceptional wader passage in the Cotswold Water Park Journal Gloucs Nat. Yearbook American Philosophical Society, 266: 75

An exceptional year. Lancet. Global Health 2(1): E1-E1

An exceptionally ? large Patella vulgata shell from a Texel beach Een uitzonderlijk ? grote Patella vulgata schelp van het Texelse strand. Zeepaard. September; 595: 151-155

An exceptionally elaborate bower structure of the great bowerbird Chlamydera nuchalis Ptilonorhynchidae. Australian Bird Watcher. September; 157: 314-319

An exceptionally large alligator lizard. Herpetologica, 17: 210-211

An exceptionally large eel Anguila anguilla L. Irish Naturalists' Journal, 1810: 307-308

An exceptionally large escallop Pecten maximus L from West Cork. Irish Naturalists' Journal, 196: 202

An exceptionally large fox, Vulpes vulpes L. Irish Naturalists' Journal, 16: 242-243

An exceptionally large litter of captive-born slow worms. British Herpetological Society Bulletin, 50 No. 4

An exceptionally large puff adder brood Bitis arletans at Dvur Kralove Zoo. International Zoo Yearbook, 16: 85-86

An exceptionally large representative of Permian ammonoid Shengoceras from Guangxi, south China. Acta Palaeontologica Sinica. Jan; 391: 76-80

An exceptionally large short-faced bear Arctodus simus from the Late Pleistocene ? / Early Holocene of Kansas. Current Research in the Pleistocene, 18: 97-99

An exceptionally short actinin-like protein from protozoan parasite Entamoeba histolytica. Journal of Biological Sciences, 51: 76-81

An exceptionally well preserved specimen of Zoila Gigantocypraea gigas McCoy, 1867. Festivus. September 9; 319: 101-102

An exceptionally well-preserved Mesozoic snake-fly new directions for order phylogeny Raphidioptera Baissopteridae Un Raphidioptere mesozoique a la conservation exceptionnelle de nouvelles pistes pour une phylogenie de lordre Raphidioptera, Baissopteridae. Bulletin de la Societe Entomologique de France. December; 1114: 449-455

An exceptiontally complete example of the Cirripede Scalpellum fossula Darwin. Annals and Magazine of Natural History Series 9: 9: 656: 657

An excerpt from the The nesting habits of the Cape weaver. Redwing, 24-27

An excessively large but unfinished starling nest. Auk, 87: 163

An exchange list of british Coleoptera. Unknown

An exchange with Russell Peterson The condor and a sense of place. Unknown

An excitation-pattern model for the starling (Sturnus vulgaris). Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 98(1): 112-124

An excitatory action of adrenaline, noradrenaline, and 5-hydroxytryptamine on the spinal cord. Journal of Physiology 185(2): 445-454

An exciting addition - Aphyosemion ocellatum Huber Radda 1977. Journal of the American Killifish Association, 122: 41-42

An exciting bird encounter. Bird Observer (Nunawading). October; 746: 13

An exciting capture of the rare tortricid Acleris cristana Denis Schiffermuller, 1775 Lepidoptera, Tortricidae from Bornholm. Lepidoptera (Copenhagen): 44: 123-126

An exciting find. Proceedings of the Royal Society of New South Wales, 1955-56: 124-125

An exciting find: Thomas Hunt Morgan letters. Mendel Newsletter; Archival Resources for the History of Genetics & Allied Sciences: 6-7

An exciting locality for amphibians on Bornholm En spaendende paddelokalitet pa Bornholm. Nordisk Herpetologisk Forening. Maj-Juni; 453: 71-73

An exciting occurrence at Kew Gardens. Bulletin of the Amateur Entomologists' Society, 40333: 165

An exciting recovery batch. BTO News, 4 No. 107

An excretory function of liver appendages in lsopoda. Zoologicheskii Zh, 512: 208-213

An excursion from NovoAlexievka to the Sivash. Ukrainskii Okhotnik I Rybolov Kharkov 1925, 7: 24, 25

An excursion into southern Western Australia eucalypts. Swans: 121: 11-17

An excursion into the Red Centre of New South Wales. Koolewong, 23: 11-13

An excursion into the history of orang-utans in Prague Zoo Exkurze do historie orangutanu prazske zoo. Gazella. 1 January; 33: 115-128

An excursion report from IJmuiden In IJmuiden - een excursieverslag. Zeepaard. Mei; 583: 82-84

An excursion to Hallands Vadero - Sweden. Nordisk Herpetologisk Forening, 313: 72-78

An excursion to Laesa nature site between Limensgade and Vejrmollegard of Bornholm island Ueber eine Exkursion auf dem Laesa-Naturpfad zwischen Limensgade und Vejrmollegard der Insel Bornholm. Geschiebe-Sammler. Dez; 384: 143-152

An excursion to Lake Miragoane, Haiti. Sterkiana, 10: 28

An excursion to Malmedy and its surroundings. Kreukel (Amsterdam): 149-10: 111-116

An excursion to Morocco with the Scane Ornithological Society SKOF 4-11 January 1987. Anser, 263: 211-215

An excursion to Pic dAlaric Une excursion au Pic dAlaric. Coleopteriste. mars; 71: 54-57

An excursion to Scheveningen-Katwijk on 23-02-2003 Excursie Scheveningen-Katwijk op 23-02-2003. Zeepaard. Mei; 633: 68-69

An excursion to Upper Norrland with the Scanian Ornithological Society 17-23 June 2001 - a journey to see five owls Ovre Norrland med SkOF 17-23 juni 2001 - en femugglorsresa. Anser, 403: 188-191

An excursion to some familiar localities in Jutland in 1974 En rundtur til nogle kendte jyske lokaliteter 1974. Lepidoptera (Copenhagen): 87: 240-244

An excursion to southern Tunisia, with notes on some of the Coleoptera, etc, met with. Entomologist's Monthly Magazine, 50 53-55: 76-78

An excursion to the Talas Alatan, found by the Chief Central Asiatic Museum in the summer of 1923 and the Mammal-fauna of W Tian Shan. Izv Sredne Aziatsk Kometata po detam Tashkent, 1: 200-246

An excursion to the Talas Alatau, formed by the Chief Central-Asiatic Museum in the summer of 1923, and the mammal fauna of W Tian-Shan. Izv Sredne-Aziatsk Komiteta po delam muzeev etc Tashkent, 1: 200-246

An excursion to the fabled land of Florida. Texas Conchologist, 262: 60-61

An excursion to the river Atrek and the Astrabad province. Bull Soc Nat Moscou Sect Biol N S: 36: 366-379

An excursion to the south of France. Lacerta. 1994- december-januari; 532: 35-43

An excursion with the Skane Ornithological Society SkOF to Runde from 12-20 June 2003 Med SkOF-Safari till Runde 12-20 juni 2003. Anser, 424: 290-294

An exemplary partnership of American entomologist C V Riley with French entomologists in control of the grape Phylloxera in France 1868-1895 Une cooperation exemplaire entre entomologistes francais et americains pendant la crise du Phylloxera en France 1868-1895. Annales de la Societe Entomologique de France. January-March; 431: 103-125

An exercise for estimating wild ungulate population in Gir by road-strip census. Indian Forester, 1028: 526-530

An exercise in applied ecology. News Bulletin Zoological Society of Southern Africa, 3(2): 8-10

An exercise in co-operative breeding of tortoises. Rephiberary, 7 No. 107

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