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Aspects of host-parasitoid interactions of two aphid parasitoids Aphidius urticae Haliday and Aphidius uzbeckistanicus Luzhetski Hymenoptera Aphidiidae

, : Aspects of host-parasitoid interactions of two aphid parasitoids Aphidius urticae Haliday and Aphidius uzbeckistanicus Luzhetski Hymenoptera Aphidiidae. Ecological Entomology, 44: 307-316

Various aspects were studied of 2 host-parasitoid interactions: A. urticae parasitizing the cocksfoot aphid Hyalopteroides humilis and A. uzbeckistanicus parasitizing the cereal aphid Metopolophium dirhodum, as part of a study on the population dynamics of grassland and cereal aphids in Berkshire, England, UK . A. uzbeckistanicus had a higher instantaneous attack rate but a slightly longer handling time than A. urticae. In both cases the functional response was curvilinear. A. urticae was specific to H. humilis and failed to develop in M. dirhodum. A. uzbeckistanicus developed successfully in H. humilis but the functional response was sigmoid and the progeny were less fecund than those reared on the natural host. This species showed a clear preference for M. dirhodum when supplied with mixtures of M. dirhodum and H. humilis. A. uzbeckistanicus had a faster rate of development and a lower developmental threshold than A. urticae, a situation paralleled by their natural hosts. Results are discussed in relation to field observations. A. uzbeckistanicus may have considerable potential for reducing cereal aphid numbers. Its preference for M. dirhodum mitigates against a reservoir being maintained in the economically unimportant grassland aphid, H. humilis.


DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2311.1979.tb00590.x

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