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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 37897

Chapter 37897 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Attempts to re-establish bird fauna in the Bavarian Forest National Park, Germany. Re-introduction News. April; 25: 44

Attempts to re-establish sockeye salmon Oncorhynchus nerka populations in the Upper Adams River, British Columbia, 1949-84. Canadian Special Publication of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 96: 235-242

Attempts to re-establish wekas, brown kiwis and red-crowned parakeets in the Waitakere Ranges. Notornis, 371: 45-51

Attempts to relate the British Middle and Upper Pleistocene mammalian sequence to the deep sea oxygen isotope record. Unknown

Attempts to release Romanomermis culicivorax Nematoda Mermithida, mosquito larvae parasites, into water bodies of Voronezh and of the Moscow region. Meditsinskaya Parazitologiya I Parazitarnye Bolezni, 591: 17-19

Attempts to shorten the length of pregnancy and to increase litter size in mink using progesterone and medroxyprogesterone acetate/MPA. Zeszyty Problemowe Postepow Nauk Rolniczych, 33-39 No. 302

Attempts to stimulate proliferation of the gorminnl opithelium of the ovary. Anatomical Record Philadelphia, 82: 1-9

Attempts to use Dreissena polymorpha as a bioindicator of viral pollution in sewage treatment plant effluents Tentative dutilisation de Dreissena polymorpha comme bioindicateur de pollution virale des effluents de station depuration. Ecologie. Decembre; 274: 257-261

Attempts to use immunodiffusion for species identification of Meloidogyne. Nematologica, 11: 41

Attempts to vaccinate cats, dogs, minks and foxes with attenuated vaccines containing feline panleukopenia virus or canine parvovirus. Bulletin of the Veterinary Institute in Pulawy. 1985- ; 28-291-4: 94-102

Attenborough Nature Reserve. Countryside, 21: 64-66

Attenborough Nature Reserve nest box scheme. Nottinghamshire Wildlife Newsletter, (Spring): 4

Attendance and diving behavior of South American fur seals during El Nino in 1983. Unknown

Attendance behavior of Antarctic fur seals. Unknown

Attendance behavior of Galapagos fur seals. Unknown

Attendance behavior of Galapagos sea lions. Unknown

Attendance behavior of South African fur seals. Unknown

Attendance behavior of northern fur seals. Unknown

Attendance behavior of red turtle dove in incubation and brooding period. Sichuan Journal of Zoology. May 28; 232: 88-92

Attendance effects of Camponotus rufipes Fabricius Hymenoptera, Formicidae on aggregations of Enchenopa sericea Walk Hemiptera, Membracidae Efectos de la atencion de Camponotus rufipes Fabricius Hymenoptera, Formicidae sobre agregaciones de Enchenopa sericea Walk Hemiptera, Membracidae. Ecologia Austral. Diciembre; 122: 91-97

Attendance of Smynthurodes betae Homoptera Aphididae by Solenopsis molesta and Tetramorium caespitum Hymenoptera Formicidae. Annals of the Entomological Society of America, 60: 707

Attendance patterns and behaviour in relation to experience and pair-bond formation in the wandering albatross Diomedea exulans at South Georgia. Ibis, 1312: 183-195

Attendance patterns of Steller sea lion Eumetopias jubatus on Tuleny Island during the breeding season. Unknown

Attendance patterns of common guillemots Uria aalge and kittiwakes Rissa tridactyla at colonies during continuous daylight. Atlantic Seabirds, 31: 31-48

Attendance patterns, prey capture, changes in mass, and survival of crab spiders Misumena vatia Araneae, Thomisidae guarding their nests. Journal of Arachnology. 1987 ; 152: 193-204

Attendibilita del quadro elettroforetico dellemoglobina nel genere Rutilus Rafinesque. Bollettino di Zoologia, 35: 444

Attending The pandas a conservation initiative. Animals and Zoos, 4311: 10-13

Attending the Congress of the Captive Breeding Specialist Group and the Congress of the International Union of Directors of Zoological Gardens in Singapole. Animals and Zoos, 442: 8-10

Attending the International Parrot Convention. Animals and Zoos, 434: 8-11

Attending the first gorilla workshop. Animals and Zoos, 4212: 32-33

Attending the third international lion-tailed macaque symposium. Animals and Zoos, 4211: 30-32

Attention - an interesting nest. Putni Daba, 2: 190-195

Attention - forest damages by mice Achtung- Forstschaeden durch Maeuse. Forstschutz Aktuell, 29: 30-31

Attention all readers. Journal of the British Tarantula Society, 22: 8-9

Attention behaviour of the House Wren, Troglodytes aedon. Anatomical Record Philadelphia, 108: 551

Attention danger. Xenophora, 19 No. 32

Attention for insects in general nature conservation. Wielewaal. Maart; 623: 57-58

Attention shifts in a maintained discrimination. Science 166(3901): 125-126

Attention to combined attention in new world monkeys (Cebus apella, Saimiri sciureus). Journal of Comparative Psychology 119(4): 461-464

Attention to exact appearance fly catchers in Sibiria Genaues Hinsehen unerlaesslich Fliegenschnaepper in Sibirien. Falke. November; 5111: 335-339

Attention Theres a squatter in the street Attention Un squatter dans la rue. Homme et l'Oiseau. avril-mai-juin; 402: 88-103

Attention, crapauds migrateurs. Alytes (Paris): 32: 90-92

Attentional skills of great apes compared with those of gibbons and Squirrel monkeys. Unknown

Attentive, affective and adaptive behavior in the cat. Science, 133: 165-173

Attentiveness, parental attachment and predation at a nest of the silvereye Zosterops lateralis familiaris in Wollongong, New South Wales. Australian Bird Watcher. March; 175: 254-259

Attenuation de linhibition mixte V+K de lactivite p-NP-D-glucosidasique de lhemolymphe dabeilles par le trehalose in vitro, au moyen dun meanisme compensateur de type n. Comptes Rendus de l'Academie des Sciences Serie III Sciences de la Vie, 29215: 883-886

Attenuation de la virulence du Trypanosoma cruzi par son passage dans lorganisme humain. Compte Rendu des Seances de la Societe de Biologie Paris, 11626: 1153

Attenuation de la virulence et du pouvoir pathogene dun trypanosome T annamense, chimioresistant, apres passage dans un organisme animal traite par Sb. Bulletin de la Societe de Pathologie Exotique Paris, 32: 35-38

Attenuation de riufeetion a Trypanosoma eruzi chez la souris blanche par differenies souches de Borrelia. Bulletin de la Societe de Pathologie Exotique, 52: 272-276

Attenuation des effets nuisibles de lasphyxie sur les Hydres avec la duree du traitement. Compte Rendu de la Societe de Biologie Paris, 79 431-434

Attenuation of Eimeria brunetti through selection for precociousness. Acta Veterinaria et Zootechnica Sinica. Jan; 301: 86-90

Attenuation of cannine adenovirus 2 type and studies on fox encephalitis attenuate vaccine. Scientia Agricultura Sinica, 252: 14-21

Atterung und Proteinsynthase bei Drosophila melanogaster. Revue Suisse de Zoologie, 75: 1051-1055

Attheyella Bochmiella trispinosa Brady Copepoda, Harpacticoidea in CSR. Spisy Prirodovedecke Fakulty Universita Brno, 415: 303-308

Attheyella Mrazekiella wulmeri De Kerherve, 1914 and some other copepod species recently found in Belgium. Biologische Jaarb, 40: 198-202

Attheyella carolinensis Chappuis Copepoda ; Harpacticoida on freshwater crayfishes from Kentucky. Transactions of the American Microscopical Society, 83: 370-371

Attheyella yesoensis, a new harpacticoid copepod Crustacea from Hokkaido, northern Japan. Proceedings of the Japanese Society of Systematic Zoology. July; 49: 13-19

Atti 1 Congresso della Societa Italiana di Nematologia Torino 10-12 Dicembre 1981. Redia, 65(Appendix): 1-130

Atti 1 Seminario Nazionale Centri Recupero Avifauna Etica e tecnica di gestione. WWF Serie Atti e Studi. Settembre; 9: 1-119

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Atti dei congresso Nazionale per la pro-tezione degli uccelli Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche Commissione per la protezione della natura. Unknown

Atti del 1 Congresso Societa Italiana di Malacologia Palermo 13-15 settembre 1984. Lavori della Societa Italiana di Malacologia, 22: 5-346

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Atti del 74 Congresso della Societa Geologica Italiana LAppennino campano-lucano nel quadro geologico dellItalia meridionale Sorrento 13-17 settembre 1988. Memorie della Societa Geologica Italiana. 1988 ; 41: 1-713

Atti del I Convegno Nazionale dei Biologi della Selvaggina. Supplemento alle Ricerche di Biologia della Selvaggina, 141: 1-689

Atti del V Congresso inter-nazionale di Pesca tenuto in Roma nel 1911. Unknown

Atti del convegno ANMS I musei naturalistici de Valtellina e Valchiavenna ricerca, conservazione della natura ed educazione ambientale, Morbegno-Bormio, 1-2 giugno 1990. Museologia Scientifica. Gennaio-Giugno; 101-2: 111-206

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Attirance sexuelle chez ui trichoptere Enoicyla pusilla Burmeister. Bulletin Soc Ent France, 809-10: 252-257

Attirati tiamasica degli estrata di Venerupis decussata L. Archivio di Scienze Biologiche Napoli, 37: 73-80

Attitude anti-predateur insolite de la huppe fasciee femelle au nid. Nos Oiseaux. Septembre; 413: 200, 202-203

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Attitudes of Georgians toward nongame wildlife a survey. Proceedings of the Annual Conference Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. October 9-13; 47: 339-347

Attitudes of Mt Apo settlers relevant to the conservation of the monkey-eating eagle Pithecophaga jefferyi. Sylvatrop, 33: 137-144

Attitudes of South Dakota residents toward dove hunting. Transactions N Am Wildl nat Resour Conf, 39: 163-172

Attitudes of college students toward hunting. Transactions N Am Wildl nat Resour Conf, 39: 157-162

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Attitudes of urban residents toward avian species and species attributes. Unknown

Attitudes sociales envers les chiropteres et problemes de conservation. Unknown

Attitudes to animal behavior. Unknown

Attitudes to animals and animal policy at the end of the Millennium. Unknown

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Attitudes to insects and insect conservation. Unknown

Attitudes to nature. Unknown

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Attitudes towards wildlife and the hunt in pre-Buddhist China. Unknown

Attitudinal and seasonal variations of the family Drosophilidae Diptera on the southern slope of Mt Fuji. Kontyu, 431: 106-116

Attitudinal distribution of Muscidae, Calliphoridae and Sarcophagidae Diptera Brachycera in Vietnam Part 1 The species at altitudes of 700-1200 m Phan bo theo do cao cua cac ho Ruoi Muscidae, Calliphoridae, Sarcophagidae Diptera Brachycera o Viet Nam Phan 1 Cac loai bat gap o do cao 700-1200 m. Tap Chi Sinh Hoc, 244: 1-8 Thang 12

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Attivazione della glicina nello sviluppo delluovo di Giona intestinalis. Ricerca Scientifica 2B): 4: 257-264

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Attivita -glucosidasica nel Vioiparus ater. Bollettino della Societa Italiana di Biologia Sperimentale, 44: 2222-2224

Attivita AChE nellabbozzo delle gonadi femminili di embrione di polio in vari stadi di sviluppo. Bollettino della Societa Italiana di Biologia Sperimentale, 43: 123-124

Attivita AChE nellabbozzo delle gonadi maschili di embrione di polio. Bollettino della Societa Italiana di Biologia Sperimentale, 43: 122-123

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Attivita anti protozoaria di un pigmento estrattodallAspergillus niger. Rivista di Parassitologia Roma, 9: 5-9

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