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Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Tineiden-Fauna des Mittelmeerraumes

, : Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Tineiden-Fauna des Mittelmeerraumes. Beitraege zur Entomologie, 292: 383-412

The results of the evaluation of numerous specimens collected in the Mediterranean countries are reported. New species described are: Neomeessia lobata, Infurcitinea maroccana, Rhodobates canariensis, Reisserita pseudoranella, R. parva and Fermocelina maroccana. The new genus METATINEA for Tinea immaculatella Rebel and T. nana Petersen is also described. The female genitals of Infurcitinea italica Amsel and Cephimallota vittatella (Chretien), not previously known, are described, and Paratinea irakella Petersen is transferred to Ceratobia Zagulajev. The synonymies established are: Infurcitinea raetica Zagulajev, 1974 = I. albicomella (Herrich-Schaeffer, 1851); I. zernyi Zagulajev, 1974 = I. atrifasciella Staudinger, 1870; Lichenotinea pustulatella igaloensis Amsel, 1951 = L. pustulatella (Zeller, 1852); Fermocelina antipai Zagulajev, 1972 = F. inquinatella (Zeller, 1852); F. occidentalis Zagulajev, 1972 = F. cubiculella algiricella (Rebel, 1901); Tinea? pustulatella Lucas, 1942, nec Zeller, 1852 = Hapsifera luridella Zeller, 1847.


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