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Differentiation of eggs of Toxocara canis and Toxocara cati - parasites of dog and cat Rozroznianie jaj Toxocara canis i Toxocara cati - pasozytow psa i kota

, : Differentiation of eggs of Toxocara canis and Toxocara cati - parasites of dog and cat Rozroznianie jaj Toxocara canis i Toxocara cati - pasozytow psa i kota. Wiadomosci Parazytologiczne, 434: 435-439

The differentiation of T. canis and T. cati eggs is an important problem in epidemiology. It has been demonstrated that it is possible to differentiate the species of Toxocara spp. eggs using light microscope and evaluating the morphological features of the eggs. The size of the eggs and their shells appearance are very characteristic. T. canis eggs prevail in larger size classes than T. cati and have thicker, less permeable for light and more pleated shells. Using such criteria we were able to differentiate the species of the majority of Toxocara spp. eggs found in soil.


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