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Cornu C. R. lxxvii pp. 710-714, think Signoret exaggerates the polymorphism; the maternal and tuberc

, : Cornu C. R. lxxvii pp. 710-714, think Signoret exaggerates the polymorphism; the maternal and tuberc. Compte Rendu, lxxvii

Cornu C. R. lxxvii pp. 710-714, think Signoret exaggerates the polymorphism; the maternal and tubercular types, identical in the early stage, are not so different in the adult as the later stages. .Transformations noted by Cornu, op. cit. p. 947. The author same author C. R. lxxvii., in a series of remarks upon the economy, &c., of this insect, states that the root and leaf species are identical (p. 190), that the insect voluntarily falls from the leaves to the ground, and that leaf-galls are rare in French vineyards, the leaves offering little nourishment (pp. 825-830). The production of leaf galls is discussed, pp. 879-883, and of root swellings, pp. 930-934, 1009-1015, 1088-1093, & 1168-1175 (whatever the vine, the swellings are alike). A sexual individual was found just changing; it had no sucker, and came from a batch of winged specimens (p. 1015). The apterous form moults three times, both in galls and roots, at from 3 to 5 days interval (pp. 1276-1286). The pupa has 68 tubercles, and other particulars of that state are given (pp. 1330-1336). Hybernation of the root and leaf forms is discussed (pp. 1423-1430); the latter, after falling to the ground, does not at once develop, but waits for the early warmth of the next year. A comparative examination is made of the young of both forms, of hybernating and sexual individuals. Those hybernating have no modifications of organization; and the winter is a bad time for destructive agents, as the absorbing functions are suspended. Sexual individuals are not the young, but constitute a special form, differing from the produce of eggs of the ordinary apterous form, not only externally but internally (p. 1478 et seq.). The agility of hybernating individuals is discussed; their resuscitation can be produced artificially. They do not necessarily revive with reviving vegetation; but revive earlier and multiply quicker in light soils and warm districts, and the plague therefore increases towards the south. The best time for their destruction is when they revive, and the plants are still dormant.


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