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W. G. BINNEY gives a recapitulation of the results of his researches into the structure of the jaw a

, : W. G. BINNEY gives a recapitulation of the results of his researches into the structure of the jaw a. Proceedings of the Academy Philadelphia

W. G. BINNEY gives a recapitulation of the results of his researches into the structure of the jaw and radula of the North American Pulmonata geophila; these parts are at present known in nearly two-thirds of the species (188 out of 280), Which are arranged by the author in the following manner: longdash OLEACINIDAE; gen. Glandina (no jaw). HELICIDAE; sub-fam. Vitrininae, marginal teeth aculeate; Macrocyclis, Zonites, Vitrina, Limax. Helicinae, jaw simple, marginal teeth quadrate:-(1)Jaw without decided ribs on its anterior surface; Patula, Hemitrochus (Helix varians), Tebennophorus, Holospira, Helicodiscus, Ferussacia, Caecilianella, Stenogyra, Pupa, Vertigo, Strophia. (2) Jaw with decided short vertical ribs to its anterior surface; Arion, Ariolimax, Prophysaon, Binneyia, Hemphillia, Pallifera, and Helix (with 17 sub-genera). (3) Jaw with delicate distant ribs to its anterior surface, usually running obliquely to its median line; Cylindrella, Macroceramus, Bulimulus. Orthalicinae, jaw composed of distinct plates, free and imbricated below; Liguus, Orthalicus, Punctum. Succineinae, jaw with an accessory quadrate plate; Succinea. VERONICELLIDAE; Veronicella. The jaw and radula of all these are illustrated by woodcuts, the teeth of many species figured in the plates; P. Ac. Philad. 1875 (also as notes on Am. land-shells, ii. pt. iii.), pp. 140-243, pls. i.-xviii.


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