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Neurological findings (especially "developmental reflexes") in residents of homes for the aged

, : Neurological findings (especially "developmental reflexes") in residents of homes for the aged. Journal of Neurology 213(2): 133-142

86 residents of several homes for the aged in Berlin, aged 75 to 96 years (mean age 86.3 years), were examined neurologically. Many showed the following aberrant neurological signs: Pallaesthesia and dermolexia were extinct in the lower extremities; the ankle jerks could not be elicited; the palmomental, orbicularis oris reflex, grasping and the snout reflexes were positive; there was a hypokinetic-hypertonic motor syndrome. The statistical analyses and the follow-up dynamics of our findings argue for such age-dependent changes of the CNS as the basis for the grasping and snout reflexes and for the involuntary movements of the elderly.


PMID: 60472

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